At PMFS, students in Drama work to develop focus through observation, empathy through role play, and social/emotional confidence building through improvisation and performance. Students take ownership of nearly all aspects of productions and feel pride in the shared creative process of making performances together.

Fifth Grade

Drama begins in the Fifth Grade with theatre games and exercises designed to increase essential skills of observation, focus, and shared storytelling. Students are introduced to theatrical concepts and elements and these are put into practice through short scenes, dramatic readings and improvised theatre experiences. In addition to the performance aspect of drama, the role of the audience as an active participant is also emphasized through critical viewing and feedback sharing/coaching.

Sixth Grade

The Sixth Grade begins working in advanced games dealing with space substance, creating an imagined reality through pantomime and expressing it clearly to an audience. Creating a fully developed character and organizing the elements of theatre into more complex productions are the goal, culminating in the musical at the end of the year. Students become fully immersed in all aspects of the production process, both on stage and off, from set and costume design to tech week.