PMFS provides a full range of specials classes for students in all grades, Pre-K through Sixth Grade. Special Teachers infuse classroom curriculum with their expertise to co-create a rich student experience; they are proud to be able to follow the children throughout their years Plymouth, forming deep bonds with our students  until their graduation in Sixth Grade and well beyond. The collaborative, interdisciplinary work in Specials classes builds upon and extends class-specific themes.

Students develop and express their artistic abilities and share their thoughts and ideas. Art is also integrated with the school’s social studies program, and art projects are often developed to connect with thematic studies during the year.

Drama introduces Fifth and Sixth Grade students to theater basics such as stage movement, points of concentration, pantomime, group theater games, improvisation, character studies, and basic theater exercises. It is also about creativity, teamwork, learning about the world around us, and self discovery.

Gym promotes student development and individual expression in a wide variety of  cooperative and competitive activities. As skill objectives vary for each grade, common threads can be found in all PE classes including fun, teamwork, handling winning and losing, and confidence-building.

In Library, students develop and practice literacy skills, research skills, ability to interpret and appreciate literature, intellectual freedom, critical thinking skills, technology skills, and collaborative learning. The curriculum empowers students with the ability to access and process information efficiently and effectively.

Music class directs students to listen to music intelligently and with open minds, and so paves the way for a love and appreciation of diverse music. Performances provide students with an opportunity to have the courage to present what they practice in class.

The goal of Science is to understand the world around us. Children are curious investigators, and we seek to enhance and build on their innate interests. Students explore their place in the natural world and understand their role as caretakers of the environment, in keeping with Quaker beliefs.

Spanish is an integral part of PMFS. Each grade from Pre-K to Sixth has Spanish three to five times a week, with classes far exceeding the standards set by the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL). The goal is for each student to attain a degree of communicative competence with the language.