Second Grade is guided by the Quaker maxim that “There is that of God in everyone.” The teachers are committed to finding that “light” in every child and encourage its amplification, as they challenge each child to learn through his/her strengths, but also to practice what might be hard, with support from caring adults and friends. Together Second Grade builds a community of learners where children can feel safe and be comfortable– to be him/herself, to make friends, and to be open to a smorgasbord of learning opportunities. Within this community, children are valued and mistakes are welcome because it means that students are taking risks, stretching and trying new things. Growth in academic, social, and emotional skills is interconnected and a spiral process, where children circle back and scaffold their learning in myriad ways. In Second Grade, students extend and hone skills in reading, writing, mathematics and social studies in an explosion of learning, building a strong foundation and readying themselves for the years ahead.

Area of Study


Mathematics in Primary centers on building a core understanding of numbers, shapes and patterns. Learn more.

Language Arts

Second Grade reading and writing are intricately connected and build upon each other as students strengthen their ability to identify and represent sounds, common spelling patterns, and an increasing sight word vocabulary. Learn more.

Social Studies

The current year’s theme in Second Grade social studies, People of the World: Perspective and Journeys, informs much of their classroom activities, guided by the essential questions: What is equality? Is equal really fair? Learn more.


In educating the whole child, the development of self-confidence and social skills are as important a focus as academics in Second Grade. Learn more.

Central Experiences

Learn more. about a Service Learning Project and the Overnight Camping Trip.