First Grade approaches learning within the context of a strong, caring, and kind community of friends. Students continue to learn and practice how to express themselves appropriately and how to accept differences. First Graders are excited to learn independently or with friends- whether in Reading Workshop, Math, Free Choice, Writing Workshop, or Social Studies. They enjoy learning from different age groups: their peers in class, the younger grades during shared outdoor time, and their mentor Sixth Grade “buddies” during reading time. Many First Graders are emergent readers; First Graders learn the building blocks for reading and writing essential to continued confidence and growth, reflecting on the good habits of readers and writers. They put these practices to use as they develop their skills individually, under the guidance of their teachers. They approach math””whether number bonds or skip counting””with open-mindedness and smiles. They learn how to “keep their minds working” and do so energetically. Additionally, yoga practices help the class find ways to notice their feelings and calm themselves. First Graders are reminded that learning can come at any moment, that conflict or mistakes are opportunities for growth.

Area of Study


Mathematics in Primary centers on building a core understanding of numbers, shapes and patterns. Learn more.

Language Arts

The learning environment in First Grade Language Arts combines meeting each child at their entry point with introducing strategies to help all emergent readers and writers. Learn more.

Social Studies

First Graders are engaged and eager learners. It is easy to harness and expand their curiosity with the current year’s theme of Family, Community, & Connecting Communities. Learn more.


In the First Grade classroom, students continue to develop self-expression and self-control while developing a sense of the impact of words and actions on others. Learn more.

First Overnight!

First Graders have their First PMFS Overnight experience,  a one-night sleepover at the school in the Spring. Many preparations build excitement and confidence, so that students can celebrate their growing independence under the caring eyes of their teachers and parent chaperones.