The Plymouth Program begins with the light in each child, the innate curiosity and spark that our school is entrusted with fostering. Discrete and integrated experiences in math, language arts, social studies, and play deepen learning and skill building. A full complement of specials classes is the backdrop for a rich and challenging program. Students approach content from multiple perspectives, with a view to their role as future change-makers, deepening conceptual understanding and empowerment. Students collaborate with peers and teachers, using inquiry and reflection to solidify an approach to learning that prepares them for success in their studies and remains throughout their lives.

Traditions within Plymouth

Core Classroom Curriculum


From “What I Know”

by Maya R, Alum, Class of 2012

The sapphire sky, the crisp air, and a wave of nostalgia
lifts me off the ground, carries me
back to my days here
when I knew I could reach for that glittering sky,
yet still have the ground beneath me
ready to catch me if I fell.
Here, where I never questioned
the love, joy, magic of the world.
Here I was not blind to reality.
If anything, my eyes were more open
watching, looking for all the beauty.
I was raised here
leaning against the ancient maple tree,
even at 7 or 8
that this was a good life.