Admission is on a rolling basis, provided space is available, with preference given to siblings of current students and alumni children, should all other factors be equal.

We are still accepting applications for 2020-21 in some grades. Contact our Admission Office for more details.

Applying to PMFS

We are still accepting applications for 2020-21 in some grades. Contact our Director of Admission Joyce Colzani  for details and to learn about how PMFS is modifying the enrollment process in accordance with COVID-19 restrictions. We continue to look forward to getting to know your child and your family individually. 

  1. Complete an Inquiry Form

    Click here to complete an inquiry form, to receive a packet of information as well as a phone call from our Director of Admission Joyce Colzani.

  2. Come for a School Tour and Participate in a Parent Interview

    Take a personal tour of the school with observation time of classes in session, followed by an opportunity to ask questions about our program and discuss your educational goals for your child.

  3. Get to Know PMFS

    Attend a school-day Open House, an Interactive Open House, a Parent Information Evening, or a community event. Topics at Open Houses have included Fifth Grade Teacher Leann and Pre-K Teacher Courtney explaining how we weave the social-emotional curriculum into different facets of the curriculum, Fourth Grade Teacher Will explaining how research is integrated and builds through our program, and Music Teacher John B showing what academic and observational skills students need for conducting their peers.

  4. Submit an Application

    Click here to begin your online application, which you will submit with a $50 application fee. Applications are being considered now for 2020-21 (and on a limited rolling basis for 2019-20). 

  5. Send in Teacher Recommendations

    Give the signed ADVIS Teacher Recommendation Form to your child’s current teacher, to complete and mail directly to PMFS. Applicants for grades 3 – 6 provide recommendations from 2 teachers.
    Pre-K & Kindergarten Recommendation Form
    Grades 1-6 Recommendation Form

  6. Forward Student Records

    Give the completed and signed Records Release Form to your child’s current school, for applicants for First to Sixth Grades. 

  7. Provide Evaluation Results

    If your child has had a speech-language, occupational or physical therapy, or psychological or psychoeducational evaluation performed, or has taken the WISC-IV or WPPSHI-III, please upload any evaluation or testing results with your online application or submit a hard copy to the Admission Office.

  8. Student Visit

A visit offers the opportunity for the student and teachers to get to know one another. All applicants visit the school; the length of time varies by grade. Observations and a brief screening for age-appropriate skills are conducted during the visit.

  • Pre-K, Kindergarten, and First Grade applicants are invited to a Saturday Applicant Play Day, in December and January, from 10 am to 12 pm. Applicants in the Spring are invited for a half-day classroom visit.
  • Second through Sixth Grade applicants visit in their current grade for one to two consecutive days. Students have an opportunity to meet the teacher of the grade to which they are applying.

Financial Aid

Applications are considered independently of financial aid requests, but families are encouraged to complete theri financial aid applications concurrent with the admission application. FA applications are due by January 7, 2020, for the first round of consideration; after this date,  applications are considered when funds are available. PMFS uses the online School and Student Services (SSS), to help determine financial aid awards. Go to Tuition & Financial Aid for more information and to apply to SSS.

Notification and Enrollment

The Admission Committee will use all information above in making their decision. Families will be notified as soon as possible once an Admissions decision has been made. When a student is accepted, families receive a letter of acceptance. 

Contracts, with financial aid awards, are sent to newly admitted families in February. By common agreement among most area independent schools, families have until March 1 to accept or decline admission. To enroll your child, you must return the signed enrollment contract, with a $200 Registration Fee and a $750 non-refundable Enrollment Deposit (which is credited towards tuition).

PMFS continues to accept applications past March 1 providing space is available.

Welcome & Orientation

PMFS hosts a variety of events for new families in May and June, including an orientation meeting and a new parent and PMFS mentor meet-up.