PMFS Head of School Search

On January 10, 2018, Sarah Sweeney-Denham announced that she would be leaving PMFS after 7 years of service to our community. You can read Sarah’s letter to the community, and the accompanying letter from Tom Hoopes, Clerk of School Committee, here.

We are currently engaged in a search process for a new head of school, which is being led by our Search Committee, and supported by our search consultant, Clay Stites of the consulting firm RG175.

Candidates interested becoming our next Head of School are encouraged to read our Position Statement for an introduction to the PMFS Community, and description of the Head of School opportunity.

Below you will find the most current information on the search process, and links to previous updates. If you have questions about the search process, please feel free to email the Clerk of the Search Committee, John Gilliland.

May 2, 2018: Our Position Statement is Now Available

The Search Committee is pleased to announce that the Position Statement is now available and being shared with prospective Head of School candidates.

The Position Statement is the result of the work our community did in April with our search consultant, Clay Stites, and serves as an introduction to the PMFS community and the job of Head of School.

We are very pleased with the high quality document that Clay produced. Please feel free to check it out here.

The Search Committee

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