Plymouth Meeting Friends School serves students Age 3 – Sixth Grade, offering a creative curriculum in a caring environment. Since its founding in 1780, PMFS balances academic challenge with age-appropriate expectations, while celebrating the exuberance of children. A diverse school community, PMFS incorporates a global program that builds connections through a curriculum built on respect.

Where Wonder Meets Wisdom

  • Joyful learning in the context of community
  • Strong academic and social-emotional foundation inĀ formative years
  • An emergent global curriculum responsive to curiosity

What is a global education for young children?

By growing strong roots in a nurturing community that encourages self-expression, inquiry, and the development of critical thinking, children at PMFS acquire a strong foundation in self-reliance, knowing themselves as learners, and the importance of respecting oneself and others. With this emerging sense of self comes an awareness of place and responsibility, and a growing understanding of perspective. Through an interdisciplinary curriculum, students are encouraged to explore their world as an ever expanding circle, making connections big and small at the same time.

Why Pre-Kindergarten through Sixth Grade?

Young children thrive on being known. At Plymouth Meeting Friends School, every student at every age is an integral part of our community. Our size and focus on the elementary years allows each grade to have its own special role in the life of the school, with special benchmarks and traditions. Our commitment to protecting the integrity of childhood provides our students with opportunities to develop self-esteem, resilience, academic and social confidence, and build lifelong relationships with their peers.

Following developmentally-appropriate practices, our faculty is committed to seeing and honoring each child for who they are, both encouraging and challenging them to achieve and understand their potential. We believe that the development of inner resources in young children results in graduates who become capable young adults ready to face the challenges of higher education and a rapidly changing world.

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