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October 1, 2021


Together, We are a Forest

Second Grade started off the year exploring trees and recent research on how trees communicate and care for each other. Students observed the variety of trees on our campus and made observations, noticing how trees can be unique and at the same time be stronger when they stick together— a lot like us!

Using their explorations of trees as a guide, second graders spent time thinking about what can be learned from trees about being a strong community of learners and friends. This led to the creation of their classroom expectations. One example, the fact that the diversity of trees in a forest is essential to the health of the forest as a whole, turned into Be yourself. We all need what you have to share.


Making Music

Music class usually starts with singing and listening to songs to explore different styles of music, discuss artistic intentions, and share a sense of joy to begin our time together. This week, all of our students worked on singing while using our Solfege hand signs to work on developing a strong sense of pitch and learning the notes of the C Major scale.  Here, you can see our preschoolers practicing singing and signing while playing our new colorful deskbell instruments to connect the physical act of making music as a group to understanding pitch and rhythmic values of short/long notes.

New Teacher Spotlight!

Jayme Krauss – Second Grade Assistant Teacher

Jayme Krauss is the new Assistant Teacher in Second Grade at PMFS. She graduated from Syracuse University with a BS in Elementary and Special Education. Over the past 18 years, Jayme has taught Kindergarten and Preschool, and worked as K- 4th grade Learning Support. Jayme lives in the Colonial School District– right near PMFS– with her husband of almost 16 years and her two daughters, ages 10 and 6. She is excited to be back in the classroom and is looking forward to a fantastic year!

Join Us for a Parent Coffee on October 6!

Join us for a Parent Coffee with the Head of School on Wednesday, October 6 from 8 to 9am on the Meetinghouse Patio. Parents are invited to this informal gathering to meet other PMFS community members and share thoughts and/or questions about the start of the school year. We hope to see you there!

Share the Plymouth Love

The yard signs are coming! Display your Plymouth pride and connect prospective families with upcoming events at PMFS by taking one for your yard.  Ask Joyce for your very own and we’ll get one to you in the next weeks!

Do you have friends who would benefit from knowing about our events? Share this flyer with them.

Word-of-mouth remains our best and most effective advertisement.

Reminder: Vacation Care Available, Friday, October 8 & Monday, October 11

Vacation care will be running on Friday, October 8 and Monday, October 11. There are still a few spots available. Please email Gladys ( if you would like your child(ren) to attend.

Early Care: New Location Starting Monday, October 3

Early Care will now be held in the 5th Grade classroom. For families who need to start the day a little earlier than when classrooms open at 7:45am, children may drop-in to Early Care any day at 7:30am.

Quaker Corner

Quaker Plain Speak: Why “First Day”?

Early Quakers objected to the names of the days of the week because they were named for Roman gods, so the Quakers called the days of the week by number words. Sunday was called First Day, Monday was called Second Day, Tuesday was called Third Day and so on through Saturday which was called Seventh Day.

Today, these old terms are called “plain speak” and are no longer commonly used to name the days of the week. However, in a Quaker meeting you will still often hear Sunday referred to as First Day. Thus you may also hear the words “First Day School” which you may have guessed is Sunday School!

Celebrate Plymouth!
A VRF spot highlighting gifts of all kinds given to PMFS

unnamed 1
unnamed 2

The summer months brought much rain, sun, and a prolific number of WEEDS around campus!

While we embrace Mother Nature’s wild ways, certain garden spaces needed some serious TLC.  Heartfelt thanks to the PMFS individuals and families who shared their time and effort to beautify the grounds this summer.

Garden Volunteers Galore!
Jessica Lember
Nicolette Gibson, Philip and Peyton Barnes
Sarah Nyberg, Andrew and Hadley Hanks
The Menkin-Schmitt Family
Brenda Crawley and Ellen Fye
Mike Evan
Jay Purdy
Natalie Mittica
Natalie Renew and Jeremy Nimtz

Please join us at one of these events to learn how you can turn your PA tax dollars into PMFS scholarships!

FC_fall info session 21

For more information, reach out to Ralph or Linda in the Development Office.

Upcoming @PMFS

Wednesday, October 6
Parent Coffee with Brenda, 8-9am

Friday, October 8
No School – Professional Development Day – vacation care available

Monday, October 11
No School – Indigenous Peoples’ Day – vacation care available

Wednesday, October 13, 7pm
Admission Virtual Open House/Information Session –
To register, click here(A Zoom link will be sent the day before the program)

Sunday, October 24, 1-3pm
Admission Open House – To register, click here. (Directions to check in on campus will be sent the day before the program. PMFS will inform you if, for safety reasons, we need to limit RSVP numbers or move to a virtual event.)

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