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November 22, 2017

From Us to You

It was a full day today at PMFS! We held our annual Thanksgiving Concert, and welcomed tons of alumni and parents–alumni and current–for the program as well as everything from breakfast in Annie H to Kahoot! in Fourth Grade with Will. It was lovely to see so many smiling faces filling the campus with warmth and joy. Happy Thanksgiving!

For ALL Students: End-of-Day Forms due December 4

What is your child doing at dismissal during the Winter trimester (January-March)? Riding the bus on Monday? Getting picked up on Tuesday? Staying for a fun Ex-day class on Wednesday? There are 2 easy options for you to choose from:

Take your pick!

Do check out the Winter Ex-Day offerings on the Winter Extended Day Class Catalog, too.

Letter from Sarah: Grapes and Thankfulness

Take a minute to think about… a grape. When was the last time you were grateful for grapes?

Last week, in our annual tradition, the Kindergarten class led us in meeting for worship by sharing their “Thankful Thoughts” and invited all of us to share too. In addition to grapes, our students are thankful for…



My family

My teachers


The earth

My School

My self

And, also…

Chicken nuggets The Eagles!

Our Quaker framework for worship, and learning, allows space for each of our students to bring fresh ideas to the center of what we are considering together. Collaborative learning and and respect for what each of us can contribute takes us in new and sometimes unexpected directions and enriches our understanding “” we help each other to enlarge our appreciation of the world around us.

Creating space to hear from one another is a natural orientation here, in each classroom itself, and through many cross-grade opportunities to know and grow together.

  • In a worship sharing group, Kindergarten, Third, and Sixth Graders happily shared with each other what story they would step into if they could””It was remarkable to see five, eight and eleven year-olds having a book talk on completely equal footing.
  • At meeting for business, students reflected together about the learning that happens when playing gaga, noting that being ok with being out in the game takes time, practice and maturity.
  • Last week, Fifth and Sixth Grade students were caring and thoughtful leaders of cross-grade pods of students from each grade level, supporting the younger students through a day of activities centered around the Quaker testimony of peace. The student leaders led count offs, mediated conflicts, and helped students to stay focused and engaged throughout the day; afterwards, they shared that one of their big challenges was finding ways to get the little kids to listen. 🙂

In these examples and in their classrooms every day, our children have unique opportunities to learn from and appreciate one another. The space to express gratitude is never stronger than at this time of year. As one of our First Graders wrote and delivered to me in a Thankful note, “Thank you for great teachers. And the school. And everything.” That Friend speaks my mind. Thanks to all of you for your support of PMFS, our children, and our teachers, which allows us to build gratitude, caring, connections and connectors in the world.



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Tuesday, November 28
Fourth & Fifth Grade Parents: Sixth Grade preview meeting
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Thursday, November 30
Discover 2020: Come learn about PMFS Strategic Plan, 6:30 – 7:30 pm

Friday, December 1
Community Coffee, 8:00 – 9:00 am: Come learn about PMFS Strategic Plan
Third Grade to Fairmount Water Works
Fifth Grade Parents: Mexico Meeting 2 & Potluck

Saturday, December 2
PMFS and PMM Leaf Raking Day, 9:00 am – 3:00 pm
Pre-K and K Applicant Visiting Day

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