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November 9, 2018

Color Day!

Yesterday, students spent their day in mixed-age “color pods”, engaging in a variety of small-group and whole-school activities focused on our theme for the day, “Community.” Fifth and Sixth Graders were charged with leading their pods, putting into action leadership skills they have built throughout their time at PMFS. They navigated their roles beautifully, caring for their group members throughout the day. The day’s activities included learning to say “Yes, and” at an improv workshop, creating a Peaceable Kingdom mural with Gillian, and planting Spring bulbs around campus.

Go Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple, Pink, and Silver!!!

First Grade at the Tyler Arboretum

First Graders had a great time exploring the Arboretum, on a sunny but blustery day. They loved the nature and the built environments — a crooked house built by a goblin, a treehouse in the shape of a guitar, even a giant birdhouse! Students had lots to encourage their imaginative play while also learning about the plants and critters who make the arboretum their home.

Fifth Graders Celebrate Dia de los Muertos

Fifth Graders created an ofrenda (altar) for Dia de los Muertos last Friday. Celebrated on November 1 & 2 in Mexico and parts of Central America, Dia de los Muertos is a pre-Columbian tradition of the Nahua people. A celebration that is festive and full of community spirit, it is a way of connecting with departed friends and family as well as linking to the past as a living part of the present. The kids brought in items to place on the ofrenda that reminded them of loved ones, sharing stories about beloved family and pets. One student noticed where the light from the window hit the table and placed the photo of his cat there, remarking that his cat always found the sunny spot to curl up in.

Second Graders Create Their Own List of Classroom Expectations

Following shared stories of friendship and cooperation, Second Graders discussed what they need from each other to be their best selves, do their best work, and to feel safe and supported as learners and friends. Next, they wrote a loooooong list of these ideas, which each table group cut apart and organized into categories. This gave them a chance to talk about their ideas in smaller groups and the organization helped to shorten their list to a more manageable size. Their final list is below. These are the expectations from and for their classroom community, and they have all agreed to work toward following these during their year together.
  • Be kind always and include everyone.
  • Play fairly.
  • Tell the truth always.
  • Be aware of your body and others around you.
  • Touch only your food and your things.
  • Be respectful.
  • Show the speaker that you are listening.
  • Get right to work and do your best. Work quietly so your friends can do their best work too.
  • Clean up after yourself and put things away.

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Whoops! Dates for Spring Break

We distributed two calendars with conflicting dates for Spring Break. The correct dates are Friday, March 22-Tuesday, April 2. March 21 is a half day. Sorry for the mix-up!

Correct calendars:

2018-2019 At-a-Glance Calendar

2018-2019 List of Events

Student beekeeper paints the new supers (boxes for collecting honey) he helped make for our bees.

The Annual PMFS Thanksgiving Program

We are pleased that so many families (and alums!) attend the Thanksgiving Program each year. In case you didn’t know, we always have a packed house for this event! We invite you to come early to take advantage of the energy surrounding this day of joy and thankfulness.

9:30 am Refreshments in the Corson Lobby
10:30 am Thanksgiving Program

Please fill out this online form to let us know how your child is getting home after the program.

We’ll see you at the show, which traditionally ends at 12:00 pm with the school song. We’re looking forward to seeing you there!


To consider your parking options in advance, click here. If there is someone coming with you who has mobility issues and you need a reserved parking space, please contact the Main Office by Monday, November 19 at 610.828.2288 or Please note: on Wednesday, we will be able to reserve spots until 10:00 am; after that point, we will need to open up parking for all our guests! We’ll have staff outside to assist with reserved parking only.

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Just for YOU: Parent Coffees

For our Early Childhood Families- Join us on Friday, November 16 (8:15 – 9:15 am) as Tamika Blackson, our Kindergarten Teacher, introduces families to all the growth that happens  in Kindergarten in the context of fun, challenge, and community.

For all Families- Join us on Friday, December 7 (8:00 – 9:15 am) as Phyllis Ivey, our school counselor, discusses social-emotional growth and support at PMFS. She’ll have a short presentation, with plenty of time for your questions.

Coffee (and tea) and morning snacks are on us.

A Fine, Fine Day to be at Plymouth

A huge round of thanks from your Admission Office for all the support in creating a superb experience for our Open House last Sunday (11/4). Parents greeted and baked and brought participating kids in and gave tours and stopped at famous PMFS trees along the way. Other parents recommended us and that really counts too. Teachers prepped their rooms and showcased learning in awfully quick sound-bites so other teachers could provide experiential learning pieces (in Circus and writing and music and math)! 19 families attended; folks have been contacting us since to thank us for our “motivated and motivating” crew and several let me know they can “absolutely see [xxx] loving it at PMFS.” Sometimes you can’t help but be swept up in the magic this place creates.

Lice Reported at School

Lice have been reported in two classrooms. If it is your child’s classroom, you have already received this information in an email. A common childhood inconvenience, head lice are a nuisance that can be eradicated by carefully following procedures; lice are a community issue, not just an individual one. Please read this information for symptoms and treatments and carefully check your child’s and all family members’ heads for lice now and multiple times over the next several weeks.

If your child does develop lice, PMFS allows a child to be in school provided that: there are no active lice on the head, the child has been treated with a lice removal shampoo/treatment, and the child’s home environment has been treated. Follow-up treatment of the home and child, for the following two weeks or more, will be necessary to completely eradicate lice from your home.

PMFS and our teachers are following best practices in this situation: cleaning rugs and upholstered surfaces, bagging stuffed animals and pillows for two weeks, and instructing children to avoid head-to-head contact. PMFS does not perform class-wide lice screenings (such screenings have been found to have no significant effect on the incidence of head lice and are not recommended by organizations including the CDC, National Association of School Nurses, and American Academy of Pediatrics).

Please don’t hesitate to contact the Office with any questions.

Measuring Up in Second Grade

To study measurement, Second Graders created their own balance scales with sticks and string. Balance scales were used by the ancient Egyptians to determine if items were equal in weight.  They took the work very seriously, and had fun making predictions and conducting experiments with different materials.

Quick Reminder from the Office about Medication

To administer over-the-counter medication to your child (tylenol, cough drops, itch cream, etc.) we need:

If you have medication that you want your child to take during the school day, we need:

  • A “Medication Consent Form” signed by you AND your child’s pediatrician.
  • You to drop the medication off to the Main Office. We need to receive medication from an adult so we have the opportunity to ask questions about dosage, etc. We ask that you give medication to the Office, not to your child’s teacher, so that we can ensure all our safety protocols surrounding medication are in place.

We want to keep your children safe and healthy. Please let Kelly and Maeve know if you have any questions!

Upcoming @PMFS

Friday, Nov 9
Last day for picture orders
Parent-Teacher Conferences
No School for Students

Monday, Nov 12
Welcome to 6th meeting (for 5th Grade parents), 7:00 pm

Thursday, Nov 15
Meeting for Worship, 8:30-9:00 am — Join us!
6th to Penn Museum
PTO meeting, 3:00 pm, Library — Join us!

Friday, November 16
Parent Coffee, 8:00-9:15 am — Join us!

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