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May 30, 2019

Strawberry Festival: IT’S ON!

Just 2 more days until (may we say?) the BEST school day and community event of the year. So what can you expect this Saturday, June 1? A whole lot, actually…

What can you DO at the festival?

Browse books, shop at vendor tables (more this year!), get your face painted (adults too!), listen to music, watch the kids gleefully play games, visit the petting zoo, listen to some cool music, see the alums back on campus for their reunion, watch the jugglers, and enjoy each other’s company. All this AFTER class performances kick off the fun (starting at 10:00 am).

What kind of food is offered?

Lemon sticks, homemade Mexican food, lots and lots of baked goods, the GRILL, water ice, pizza… OH and did we mention our famous strawberry shortcake?

How exactly does the PTO make this WORK?

This event runs on 100% parent participation. We need you – we really do! We rely on YOU to bring the party.

What can and should a parent DO?


  • Help out with Strawberry Hulling in the Annie H. from 8:00 am – 12:00 pm (Bring a knife and cutting board if you can).
  • Help set up on Friday afternoon.
  • Bake! Donate individually-wrapped baked goods—e.g., cookies, muffins, and other small treats—to the Bake Sale. Drop off your goodies on Friday (in Annie H.) or Saturday (directly at the Bake Sale Table). Please make a note if your treat is made with nuts and other allergens. Third Grade thanks you!
  • Bring us your books & DVDs & CDs! The Sixth Grade and Dragonflies invite you to drop things off in the sand shed off the black top.


  • Park off-campus. Consider this your gentle reminder: folks may not park on campus on Saturday. Look for parking on Blue Ridge Road or use the lot at the Meetinghouse Business Complex on Germantown Pike, across from PMFS.
  • Help clean up (remember, it’s your party too).

Shortcake Shorties

Early Childhood can’t wait for Strawberry Festival! They’ve been busy baking strawberry shortcakes and making signs to welcome guests to campus on the big day. As if you need another reason to love PMFS strawberry shortcake, some slices for sale at the Festival have helped Dragonflies and Butterflies and Kindergartners practice motor and spacial skills!

Woodland Stewards Meet Critters

First Graders have been working with our librarians to learn how to help and care for different animals in our community. Each child chose an animal, drew their animal, and read about the animals’ habitat, predators, and food. Then an animal rehabilitator from the Philadelphia Metro Wildlife Center visited their classroom with a few of the center’s residents: Kevin Bacon the box turtle, Sid the opossum, and an unnamed saw whet owl and fish crow. The students loved hearing about how the wildlife center helps injured animals.

Good Luck, Cotton Ball!

Kindergarten concluded their study of butterflies with a bang (or a flutter?). After watching the insects grow from eggs to caterpillars to chrysalises to butterflies inside their classroom, students released them into nature. Farewell to Cotton Ball, Lucky, Charlie, Shine, Butter, and Pringles!

Library Books Due Next Week

All library books are due next week (the week of June 3) at your child’s final library session. Please help your child find any recently checked-out (or long-lost) books that may be hiding in your house. Good places to look: behind the bed, under the couch cushions, on your family shelves. Hint: look for the white “spine label” and PMFS barcode on the back cover. We’ve sent out notices about the books that are long overdue and have talked with the kids about the short-term books that they need to be sure to bring back.

The Library Team

Summer Reads

Your child’s reading skills have been growing all year and it’s easy to keep that good trend going once summer comes. Research shows that reading 6-10 “just right” books in the summer months can have your child heading back to school in September with their reading skills intact. Over the next few weeks, your child’s teacher will help you and your child plan for a book-filled summer.

Boo-Boos, Buddies, and Bucks

Dear Friends and Families,

Second Grade is learning about refugees. We are working with Narenj Tree, an organization in Norristown that supports Syrians who are in refugee camps in Turkey. Would you like to help us?

Our project, Boo-Boos, Buddies, and Bucks, is to gather needed first-aid supplies (Boo-Boos), stuffed animals for refugee children to have when they need comfort (Buddies), and money to help with the shipping cost (Bucks or coins).

Bring your donations to Second Grade in the Emerson Building by Friday, June 7th and we will take it to Narenj Tree.

Thank you for helping us!

Abe, Alice, Elody, Giselle, Jada, Kai, Leah, Logan, Lucas, Luna, Nolan, Olivia, Peter, Viet, Genevieve and Susan

You Must Be KIDding!

Remember when we asked you to send in spare change with your kids on Color Day to buy a goat for a family in need through Heifer International? Well, thanks to your generosity, PMFS was able to to buy TWO goats and a half-share in a THIRD! A big thank-you to all the kids and parents who were moved by the story of Beatrice’s Goat.

Building Bridges Invites You to an Event at Historic Fair Hill

Join members of Building Bridges at Historic Fair Hill for a tour of six great wall murals telling 300 years of stories of the struggle for justice in Philadelphia. After your tour, help out in the gardens, where we will prune trees, plant and tend to the vegetable and flower beds, and clean debris.

Saturday, June 8
10:00 am – 2:00 pm
2901 Germantown Avenue
Philadelphia, PA 19133

Sixth Graders Trounced Faculty at Last Week’s Kickball Game

As you can see by this photo of the sidelines (sorry, no action shots), the kids were never worried. To be fair to the faculty players, the match was tied until the fourth quarter! Good job, Sixth Grade.

Upcoming @PMFS

Saturday, June 1
Strawberry Festival! Performances 10:00 am, Festival 11:00 am – 3:00 pm

Monday, June 3
Move-Up Day (students visit their classroom and teachers for next year)

Tuesday, June 4
6th to Echo Hill (returning June 7)

Wednesday, June 5
5th grade pool party

Thursday, June 6
PTO meeting, 3:00 pm

Friday, June 7
5th & K go bowling

Monday, June 10
Class Day (students give gifts and say goodbye to 6th)

Tuesday, June 11
Last day of school, 12:00 pm dismissal
In-school Graduation
6th Grade Graduation & Reception, 7:00pm

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