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May 3, 2018

Do You Know How to Overthrow Apep, Serpent God of Destruction??

You could ask a 6th Grader, but it’ll be a lot more entertaining if you bring the family to the Class of 2018 Musical Friday or Saturday, at 7:00 pm!

To guarantee your seat, buy your tickets in advance for The Serpent and the Sailor and the Stars in the Sky, a family-friendly event showcasing months of collaboration, problem-solving, growth, and skill-building by this determined group!

Tickets will be available at the door until we reach capacity, so buy now to make sure you get a seat. 

Ex-day Kids are Excited for the Musical!

During the Ex-Day Soundscapes Class, students learned about the importance of tech for a musical, including using a light board and sound cues. 

Getting ready to play a sound cue in time with the action onstage

Playing w light board & seeing how the lights do & don’t shine into eyes from onstage

ExDay students cannot wait to see the musical and showed their support by decorating the blacktop in anticipation of this weekend’s performances.

Come on out TOMORROW (Friday 5/4)

… and learn about the transformational program that is the 5th Grade Mexican Exchange (because, no, you can’t get on the plane with them in secret). Coffee and breakfast are on us! Find us in the 5th Grade Classroom, 8:00-9:15 am.

Hear Ye! Hear Ye! The Strawberry Festival is Coming!

NOW is the time to purchase your strawberry festival t shirt. Act now and guarantee the size and quantity you want… (if you wait it may not be available!) Please return this t-shirt and shortcake order form with payment to the Main Office by Monday, May 14.

NOW is also the time to sign-up-and-volunteer (because you are who is going to make it a great day). Many have already signed up – a big thank you to you! Use this link to pick how your family will help during the festival (pretty please, with a strawberry on top).

Got Books?

Bring them to the Sand shed (at the upper campus). The Sixth Grade is collecting books, CDs, and DVDs for the Strawberry Festival!

Calling All Bakers

The Third Grade wonders what wonders you can contribute the the Strawberry Festival Bake Table. Start testing out those recipes now, to bring in on the morning of the festival.


Box Top Collection for Spring 2018 is underway!! Please send in all of your box top collections by May 15 to ensure they will be included in the next submission! Those dimes add up, so keep looking on your cereal, facial tissue, snacks…..for more information on participating products, check here:

Conversation Starter: Query this Week

First Grade created a query for mixed-age groups to consider in Worship Sharing today:
If you could be any animal, what animal would you be? Why?

What Does Integrated Learning Look Like?

In 6th Grade, it looks a whole lot like a Population Density Country Comparison chart.

6th Graders do an extensive country research project each spring, as a way for students to personalize and focus their thematic studies of world cultures. This year, this project was integrated with their math lessons on rates and ratios. In pairs, students chose 4 countries (the countries of their projects and 2 more), independently found resources online to compare them, and created to-scale drawings of the four countries. Finally they made a graph of the population densities, experiencing concretely that the size of a country doesn’t necessarily match its population.

Building Bridges Update

Last weekend, PMFS’s Building Bridges group hosted a party to celebrate spring and learn more about Historic Fair Hill. This Quaker burial ground now serves as a hub for community services in a neighborhood where the median income is $14,000/year and only 15% of school children read at grade level. The more than $700 contributed by our party guests will allow HFH to fund a bilingual parent classroom aide for more than 6 weeks, reducing the student:adult ratio from 30:1 to 15:1. Keep an eye out for more opportunities to get involved.

Upcoming Events

Friday, May 4
Community Coffee, 5th Grade Classroom, 8:00-9:15 am
1st Grade goes to the Railroad Museum of PA
6th Grade goes to Woodmere Art Museum (for Charles Santore exhibit)

Friday, May 4 & Saturday, May 5
6th Grade Musical, 7:00 pm

Tuesday, May 8
2nd Grade goes to the Woodmere Art Museum

Wednesday, May 9
Open Library, 3:15-4:15

Thursday, May 10
Meeting for Worship, 8:30-9:00
Field Day

Friday, May 11
School Closed for Students: In-Service Day
Vacation Care: All About Chocolate, 8:00 am- 6:00 pm  click here to sign up

Friday, June 1
Experiential Early Childhood Open House
Please share event info!

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