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May 23, 2019

Egg Drop

Every year, Sixth Graders create their own contraptions to protect an egg as it drops from a second-story window. The whole school gathered on Tuesday to watch some dramatic eggsplosions and equally dramatic eggscapes. Judges took notes to decide which inventions/eggs should be awarded:

  • “Eggstra awesome” (no cracks),
  • “Eggstra special” (tiny cracks),
  • “Eggelicious” (most attractive),
  • “Eggonomical” (most practical), and
  • “Humpty Dumpty” (epic fail).

The most eggciting moment came when Elijah’s egg holder hit the blacktop with a loud “smack!” but then his egg flew out and rolled safely onto the ground, uncracked!

An egg going full “Humpty Dumpty.”
(Enable full screen for best view!)

Celebrating Elijah’s miracle egg!

An egg landing safely! (Enable full screen for best view!)

Talent Show

The annual Talent Show brightened our Tuesday this week. This by-kids for-kids event featured a range of joy-filled moments. Brave performers played the piano, sang a cappella, danced, did gymnastics, engaged the audience with animal sounds, and even sprinkled in a little magic.

Kindergarten Drum Circle

John B took advantage of the beautiful weather by holding Kindergarten’s music class outside yesterday. Kindergartners are learning how to “feel the beat” by playing in a drum circle. The hardest part is practicing when to stay silent! They play counting games and sing songs where they only beat their drums on a certain number or word.

How Are YOU Getting Ready for the Best Day of the Year?

(Hint: we mean the Strawberry Festival, on June 1, from 11:00 am – 3:00 pm)

Things you should be doing THIS WEEK!

  1. Read this Tip Sheet from some current PMFS parents.
  2. Go clean out those bookshelves. (We need your books for the used book sale.)
  3. Start your baking. (That bake table needs your individually wrapped treats.)
  4. Talk to other parents and friends and neighbors and your dry cleaner too. Hand outside folks a flyer!
  5. SIGN UP for shifts; we’re not expecting most parents to sign up. We’re expecting ALL parents to sign up.
  6. KNOW what you are expected to bring/prepare for the festival!
  7. Smile at the thought of the hardest decision you’ll make on June 1: Will you have your lunch before or after your strawberry shortcake?

PMFS School Committee News

After years of dedicated service, Tom Hoopes will be ending his term as Clerk of School Committee at the end of this school year. This is Tom’s 11th year on School Committee, many of them spent as clerk, and in that time he has put in countless time and effort into moving this school forward. Tom’s two sons are approaching graduation from George School, and he is ready for this change into a new chapter of life. Tom will serve on the Transition Committee for Brenda Crawley for the 2019-2020 school year, and we are fortunate that he will still be close at hand.

Rob Cope will assume the role of Clerk of School Committee for the 2019-2020 school year. This is Rob’s 9th year on School Committee, and in that time he has worn many hats as he has made his contributions to the school. He is currently on Finance Committee and serving as Recording Clerk. With Rob’s years of service he is a natural choice to step into the role as next Clerk.

We all know how much this school means to Tom, and we all thank him for everything he has done to build and strengthen our community through his leadership.

Library Books Due Soon

All library books are due the week of June 3 at your child’s final library session. Please help your child find any recently checked-out (or long-lost) books that may be hiding in your house. We’ll send out notices about the books that are long overdue and talk with the kids about the short term-books that they need to be sure to bring back.

The Library Team

Boo-Boos, Buddies, and Bucks

Dear Friends and Families,

Second Grade is learning about refugees. We are working with Narenj Tree, an organization in Norristown that supports Syrians who are in refugee camps in Turkey. Would you like to help us?

Our project, Boo-Boos, Buddies, and Bucks, is to gather needed first-aid supplies (Boo-Boos), stuffed animals for refugee children to have when they need comfort (Buddies), and money to help with the shipping cost (Bucks or coins).

Bring your donations to Second Grade in the Emerson Building by Friday, June 7th and we will take it to Narenj Tree.

Thank you for helping us!

Abe, Alice, Elody, Giselle, Jada, Kai, Leah, Logan, Lucas, Luna, Nolan, Olivia, Peter, Viet, Genevieve and Susan


A Fresh Take on an Author Visit

by Will (Fourth Grade Teacher)

On Wednesday we had Cordis Poldano, author of  The Dwarf, The Girl and the Holy Goat, run an assembly for grades 2-5. His program was brilliant. Instead of the traditional author who reads extracts of their book to a slumbering crowd of kids, he portrayed himself as the book’s narrator: a struggling immigrant/clown looking for a job. He worked the crowd like a master storyteller, until finally revealing himself as the author. What impressed me so much was his willingness to embrace the chaos, letting the kids get just a little wild. By giving them a little extra freedom, he actually was able to best keep their attention.

Cordis’ presentation was sponsored by the South Asia Center of the University of Pennsylvania. Cordis Poldano is a graduate of the National Conservatory of Dramatic Art in Paris and the co-founder of a theater company based in Pondicherry, India.

Blustery Science

Studying different natural ways to generate power, this week Fourth Graders investigated wind power. Using pinwheels as models, they made discoveries about the importance of wind direction and speed, as well as the height. “Now I know why the turbines are so tall,” said one student.

Upcoming @PMFS

Friday, May 24
6th grade vs. faculty kickball game

Monday, May 27
Memorial Day – School closed

Wednesday, May 29
Early Childhood & Kindergarten Experiential Open House, 8:30-10:00 am

Thursday, May 30
Meeting for Worship, 8:30-9:00 am — join us!

Saturday, June 1
Strawberry Festival! Performances 10:00 am, festival 11:00 am – 3:00 pm

Monday, June 3
Move-Up Day (students visit their classroom and teachers for next year)

Tuesday, June 4
6th to Echo Hill (returning June 7)

Wednesday, June 5
5th grade pool party

Thursday, June 6
PTO meeting, 3:00 pm

Friday, June 7
5th & K go bowling

Monday, June 10
Class Day (students give gifts and say goodbye to 6th)

Tuesday, June 11
Last day of school, 12:00 pm dismissal

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