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March 8, 2018

TONIGHT: Building Bridges: A PMFS Community Group Dedicated to Building Community Through Social Action

Thursday, March 8, 6:30 pm
PMFS Library, Emerson Building

We invite the school community to think with us about how we can bring our PMFS values into the world in the form of social action, strengthening our PMFS community while we build bridges to communities that face different challenges than we do. In this first meeting, we’ll define our goals and explore ideas for a spring project. This group will be politically neutral; all viewpoints are welcome. If you have questions or if you can’t come but want to be involved, contact Rebecca Heider ( or Trina Berk (

Letter from Sarah

Dear Families,

In the aftermath of the school shooting in Parkland, Florida, we at PMFS join the world in being inspired by the courage, conviction, and leadership of the high school students of the Stoneman Douglas High School, who are speaking up and organizing movements to call for a stop to gun violence in schools. Last week, PMFS faculty and staff met to connect with each other in light of this tragedy and share about what we need as educators, what teachers are seeing the students needing, how we are responding in the classroom, and ways in which we are led to respond as a school.

Our discussion was affirming in many ways of our school’s clear mission and culture, and student-centered developmental approach. Teachers of all ages always begin with getting in touch with what our students need. In the context of traumatic events, our teachers are careful to respond to students’ questions and concerns as they come up, rather than impose events or concepts on them. Our teachers shared age-appropriate ways they are supporting students. Our School Social Worker Phyllis Ivey is serving as a resource to all classrooms, faculty, and students, as the need arises.

Our approach””and identity””as a school is to actively engage students in the ways that empower them to develop their strong voices, and to speak out for peace and social justice, such as the Second Graders’ peace march last month to celebrate Liberian activist Leymah Gbowee, the Third Graders’ invitation to all of us to share our dreams for the world, and the Fifth Graders’ leadership in school engagement in a creative action to support detained immigrant families in Berks County. We are committed to continuing this ongoing work and focus in our classrooms each day, rather than organize a school-wide response as part of the upcoming gun violence awareness events. We also noted that the upcoming protest events largely have an upper school focus, and would like to maintain a commitment to having actions be student-led given the elementary school context.

Several PMFS teachers expressed that they feel led to show support and solidarity for the Stoneman Douglas students and educators by participating in the National School Walkout on Thursday, March 14. We are supporting faculty members who wish to by providing classroom and recess coverage to allow them to take part in the 17-minute walkout, from 10:00-10:17 am.

I hope that families who are moved find ways to raise your voices as well. One opportunity to do so is through the Building Bridges group””this group is re-convening with a meeting TONIGHT at 6:30 pm in the Library.

Feel free, as always, to be in touch with me if you have questions or would like to discuss further. As you know, School Social Worker Phyllis Ivey is also a resource for families:



In Just Two Weeks! Grandparents and Special Friends Day

Thursday, March 22
8:30 – 11:15 am
Starting in the Steinbright Building

At this annual spring event, Grandparents and Special Friends are invited to join PMFS students, their teachers, and their classmates for a morning at PMFS.

Our guests will start the day in the Steinbright Building on the lower campus of PMFS. After a welcome and a brief program, including a presentation by our Sixth Grade and John B about the Sixth Grade Musical, PMFS volunteers and staff will direct guests to their classrooms. Students and teachers are making plans to share their learning in the classrooms AND take this opportunity to learn from our special guests. We’ll round out the morning with recess (of course!) and time in meeting for worship.

Please contact Ralph Henninger at or 610.828.2288 x224, with any questions.

For an electronic version of the invitation and registration form, click here.

Lower Lot Parking Reminder

In the busyness of our lives, as well as of drop off and pick up times, we would like to remind everyone of existing processes and procedures related to the parking on campus.

In our use of the lower lot and all of our parking areas, we ask that folks please park carefully, leaving an appropriate amount of space between cars, and are mindful of children and others who may be crossing the lot. Thank you for being careful of other cars and car doors as you get in and out of your car and when backing out. Recently a car parked on the lower campus was dented and some people have noticed “dings.” Thank you for your care!

Below, find our overall processes and guidelines related to the parking lot on the lower end of campus. Please review the following information as part of an effort to improve traffic flow and ensure the safety of everyone in and around the parking lot.

  • We’re asking families to reserve the use of the circle driveway on the lower part of campus for the parents of Early Childhood, Kindergarten, and First and Second Grade students.
  • Families who are staying to play are asked to park on the upper part of campus and meet on the playground.
  • Kindergarten students are dismissed at 3:00 pm. We strongly encourage families picking up Kindergarten students to make use of the car line that runs along the porch of Journey’s End to pick up your children.
  • Early Childhood students are dismissed at 3:15 pm. Families with students in Courtney and Kate’s Early Childhood class should park and go to the back door of Journey’s End and go upstairs to the classroom to pick up their children. Families with students in Martha and Pam’s Early Childhood class should park and go into The Little House to pick up their children.

As always, please be mindful while driving on campus at any time. While it’s easy to have your mind on running late for work or needing to be home by a certain time, it is important that we all drive slowly and be vigilant for small children exiting and entering cars and buildings as well as playing nearby. Thank you all for your help in keeping things safe and running smoothly.

Did You Hear? Do You Know? The Fourth Grade Circus is NEXT WEEK!

Friday, March 16 and Saturday, March 17
7:00 pm
Steinbright Auditorium

Absorb the story of “Believe!,” an exploration into finding one’s true identity, believing in oneself, and making good choices. Witness fantastic feats accomplished on unicylces, tight ropes, lyra, slings, and more. Celebrate the milestone that is the Fourth Grade Circus, a culmination of many months of hard work and unexpected lessons””self-discovery in learning new skills; patience and perseverance in pushing past their comfort zone; the power of coming together to accomplish great things.

Get your tickets:; or, click here to download an order form.

And your shirts (forms coming home in Red Folders this week):

Week One in Part Two of the Mexican Exchange

It’s hard to believe our Fifth Graders have been in Mexico for a week already. In that time, they’ve climbed pyramids and they’ve examined what gratitude means; they’ve toured museums and they’ve considered why people become immigrants or refugees; they’ve swum in crystal clear water and they’ve relied on themselves and their friends and teachers and host families. We (and their families!) are looking forward to seeing how these experiences have changed them when they return on March 15!

Click here to view photos and read write-ups from each day so far. Check your e-mail for the password to access the page. Please contact Kelley if you require the password or any assistance:, 610-828.2288 x220.

Fifth Grade Las Estacas yesterday…

… versus Third Grade in the snow this morning

Head of School Search Update: Signup to Share

Hello PMFS Community,

This is a quick reminder and invitation to sign up to share in person about your experience at PMFS with School Committee members (now through March 16). You can access the online sign up sheet here:

Sign up to share about your experience at PMFS.

You can also share about your experience in writing (also through March 16) by using our online form available here:

Share about your experience in writing.

For more details about this opportunity, you can read our announcement here.

And finally, if you run into any problems with these online forms, or you have questions about them, feel free to e-mail Tom Hoopes, clerk of School Committee.

Thank you,
Your School Committee

Spring Trimester End-of-Day and Ex-Day Forms

What is your child doing at dismissal during the Spring trimester (April-June)? Riding the bus on Monday? Getting picked up on Tuesday? Staying for Sound Scapes class on Wednesday? Please sign up online or by dropping off your End-of-Day/Ex-Day enrollment form in the Main Office. Forms are due by March 12. Click here for the Spring Ex-Day Class catalog.

Vacation Care Signup!

Vacation Care will be open from March 26-March 30 and on April 3. Click here to sign up!

Students in the Early Childhood program through Second Grade will enjoy the beauty of our campus while exploring the woods and finding treasures big and small.

Students Third through Sixth Grade will leave campus for part of the day to explore Philadelphia. Excursions include: The Reading Terminal Market, the Philadelphia Magic Gardens, the Wissahickon, and more!

Get Your Plymouth Honey!

Why, yes, there is still honey for sale. Four ounce jars are just $5. Please see Gillian for your honey!

Thinking Ahead: Yearbook Messages and Memories

Each year, the Plymouth Meeting Friends School’s graduating Sixth Grade class publishes a beautiful full-color yearbook, given to each student and faculty member free of charge.

The students would like to offer you an opportunity to support their work through the purchase of an advertisement for inclusion in the 2018 PMFS yearbook. Ad prices range from $20 – $125 depending upon the size. To place an ad, please reference the size layout guide and complete an order form. Email completed ads to Kelly Tallman at; payment can be made in the form of a check sent to PMFS. Don’t delay: because of print deadlines, all items are due by April 4. We thank you for helping us provide yearbooks to our students and for supporting the Sixth Grade!

Yearbook Order Form and Layout Information

Yearbook Letter to Families

Upcoming @PMFS

TONIGHT, Thursday, March 8
Building Bridges, Community Meeting, 6:30 pm

Friday, March 9
Sixth Grade “A Wrinkle in Time” movie trip

Monday, March 12
Spring End-of-Day Forms due
Click here for the form

Wednesday, March 14
Open Library, 3:15 – 4:15 pm

Thursday, March 15
Fifth Grade returns from Mexico

Friday, March 16
Fifth Grade only, no school

Friday, March 16 and Saturday, March 17
Fourth Grade Circus, 7:00 pm
Click here to reserve tickets

Thursday, March 22
Grandparents and Special Friends Day, 8:30 – 11:15 am
Noon Dismissal

Thursday, March 22 – Monday, April 2
Spring Break, no school
Click here for more details on Vacation Care availability

Tuesday, April 3
In-Service Day, no school

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