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March 21, 2019


“What has two legs, no tail, and flies at night?”

… Give up?

“A vampire in his dark, scary castle.”

Keeping Math Creative in First Grade

First Graders have been exercising their spatial awareness by comparing the length and width of objects in their classroom. They take things like paperclips, legos, and animal crackers, and lay them out according to size. This helps them answer questions like, “Which is shorter, the longest lego, or the widest animal cracker?” and “If my pencil is 5 paperclips long, and my eraser is 3 paperclips long, then how many paperclips longer is my pencil than my eraser?” This type of measuring will prepare First Graders to transition to measuring with standard units of measurement in Second Grade.

They have also created their own math riddles that are structured like word problems. “What has 12 feet and 6 ears? …1 dad bear and 2 babies.”

Observing Kindness

Second Grade set themselves the goal of noticing and recording 100 acts of kindness. Some of the kindnesses included, “Sharing a book,” “Holding the door,” “Smiling at someone,” “Helping grandparents down the steps,” “Listening,” and “Wrapping yarn balls.” They glued these observations onto a garland of hearts to decorate their classroom and remind themselves of the possibilities for kindness.

Goats and Stewardship

Our second Color Day of the year is coming up on April 11. While classroom teachers have conferences with parents, Specials teachers and admin will lead students in group activities around the Quaker testimony of “stewardship.”

One activity will be reading “Beatrice’s Goat” by Page McBrier. The story follows a girl named Beatrice, whose family is lifted out of poverty when they receive the a goat from the nonprofit Heifer International. As it turns out, David and his wife Karen are friends with the real-life Beatrice from their work in Uganda! So we thought it would be fitting to ask kids and teachers to bring in spare change (under $1), to give the gift of a goat through Heifer International. Kids will count the change and talk with David (and maybe Karen, too!) about his experience in Uganda.

You can read more about Heifer International’s work to end hunger and poverty here.

Take Heifer’s free quiz “What’s your animal alter-ego?” to earn them $0.50 right now!


How Slow Can You Go?

Fourth Graders are learning about acceleration with Kathleen. Acceleration is ANY change in velocity — speeding up, slowing down, or changing direction. In one class, they built parachutes that used the friction of air resistance to slow down a little wooden “skydiver.” In the next class, they accelerated marbles. Their challenge was to build a ramp that caused their marble to experience every type of acceleration.

Don’t Forget: Yearbook Messages to Your Kiddos Due 4/3

Sixth Graders are hard at work putting the yearbook together for June, so now’s your chance to buy an ad to celebrate your sweetie. You can send in pictures, text, or both! Click here to read more about it, and here to print the order form. Orders are due April 3, the day we get back from Spring Break.

There’s Still Time to Sign Up for Spring BtB Classes!

Would your child like to join Monster Makers, Mixed Sports, Nature Explorers, Ultimate Frisbee, Musical Theater Club (free!), Photography, or Ukulele? Read more about the classes, then sign up here today! 

PMFS in Bloom

Yesterday was the first day of Spring, and these buttercups agree! Can you guess where this is on campus?

Volunteers Needed for ArtsFest

ArtsFest is right around the corner! It’s the 6th annual celebration of all things art at PMFS, Saturday April 13 from 3:00 to 5:00 pm. There will be live art demonstrations by our students, musical performances, as well as the opening of the art show in the Corson Lobby. Every PMFS student has a piece in the show, so we hope you can join us for this fun event!

Could you come a little early to bring snacks or set up chairs? Please sign up here to help out — we can’t do it without you!

If You’re Not Registered, You Can Still Drop Into Vacation Care

Spring Break Vacation Care is open weekdays from Monday, March 25 to Tuesday, April 2. The best way to get in touch with Vacation Care over break, including to ask to drop in, is to email

What if there’s snow?
Hopefully we’re done with all that for the season, but in case Vacation Care needs to close due to weather:

  • Families registered for Vacation Care will get an automated email from Kinderlime
  • The PMFS website will have a message on the homepage

Upcoming VC Date: April 12
There’s no school for students on Friday, April 12 because of parent-teacher conferences. Sign up here if you want us to entertain your lovey at Vacation Care for the day.

Check Out Our Thermometer!

Spring has officially arrived, and not only will our outdoor thermometer be steadily rising, but
so will our Prance thermometer! Check out our fundraising thermometer at, and while you’re at it, find your child’s page under the “Donate to
a Participant” tab. This link can be easily shared with family and friends by email and on
Facebook; please help the school reach our fundraising goal by sharing this link widely. Funds
raised through the Plymouth Prance will support EVERY student at PMFS!

Looking Ahead: Strawberry Festival Volunteering

We are looking for people to fill the following volunteer positions:

  • 2 Strawberry Festival Co-Chairs: Duties include overseeing the event and supporting other volunteers.
  • 1 Facilities Chair: Duties include arranging tents, permit, trash, crossing guard, off-campus parking, set/cleanup.
  • 1 Entertainment Chair: Duties include arranging the petting zoo, moonbounce, face painting, carnival games, balloon animals, etc.
  • 1 Corporate Sponsorship Chair: Duties include creating sponsorship flyer and finding sponsorships.
  • 1 Parking Chair: Duties include arranging volunteers to help direct parking and reserve spots.

Interested? Contact Kim DeFilippi at

In case you don’t know, the Strawberry Festival is our biggest all-school event of the year, and relies on 100% parent participation to be the great fun that we look forward to all Spring!

Upcoming @PMFS

Friday, March 22 – Tuesday, April 2
Spring Break (Vacation Care available)

Wednesday, April 3
Students return to school

Thursday, April 4
Meeting for Worship, 8:30-9:00 am — join us!

Friday, April 5
Parent Coffee, 8:00 am

Thursday, April 11
Color Day
Meeting for Worship (check back for Color Day timing) — join us!
Parent-Teacher Conferences

Friday, April 12
No school for students (Vacation Care available)
Parent-Teacher Conferences

Saturday, April 13
ArtsFest, 3:00-5:00 pm

Want more info on happenings at school? 
Go to, where you can subscribe to the PMFS Public Calendar.

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