Virtual Red Folder
June 16, 2017

Letter from Sarah

Dear Families,

As we head off to Summer 2017, I am savoring the ways in which we closed out a remarkable year of learning, growth and community. Incredible culminating student projects have found their way home, from cityscapes and 3D “Illusion Houses” to inquiry projects and tree of life sculptures. Camping story compilations captured the highlights of this year’s special experience in Primary, and glittery memory boxes transported our youngest students’ hand-knitted boas home for summer dress up fun.

I am also appreciating and turning over in my mind the profound, introspective messages of gratitude that the Class of 2017 shared with us in their graduation speeches on Tuesday. I am reminded by those graduates to thank those who support us along the way. I want to extend my thanks to our staff and our families for all the ways you support all of our children, and each other, throughout our learning journey each year. The final announcement in our last meeting for worship says it simply but clearly: “I really, really like this school.”

I wish you all a wonderful summer, and we’ll see you this fall!


Congratulations to the PMFS Class of 2017!

Your hard work and determination remind us of the solid foundation you’ll continue to build on at your new schools. As Seventh Graders next year, and beyond, we wish you the greatest success and enjoyment.

IMPORTANT and NEW State Immunization Requirements

For the 2017-18 school year, the Pennsylvania Department of Health has updated the immunization requirements for all students. All students will now be required to be up-to-date on vaccines by the start of the school year or risk exclusion from school on day 6 of school! Read the PA New Immunization Reqs 2017 for all the details. Check with your child’s physician if you have any questions.

My Oh My, What’s Something BIG You Can Get Out of the Way NOW

Are you a parent who, in the 2017-18 school year, wants to:

  • visit classrooms
  • act as a volunteer on the PMFS campus
  • chaperone any PMFS-sponsored field trip
  • volunteer on behalf of the PTO food program or in another capacity

As of August 25, 2015, a state law (PA Act 135 and its amendment Act 15 of 2015) requires volunteers over the age of 18 at PMFS to have three completed clearance checks.

Why do I need to start now?

  • clearances may take up to a month to process
  • teachers want to be able to welcome you into the classroom share their adventures with you
  • some classrooms have class trips during the first days of school and rely on parent participation
  • the PTO also relies on parent volunteers to run the school lunch program

What all do I need to get? Three things total:

(Click here for a smidge more info and helpful hints)

What do I do when they arrive?

Clearances will arrive online or at your address. When they come in, please bring the originals to the Main Office at PMFS so that we can make a copy for our files.

Do you already have these clearances on file with the Main Office?

Great job! Your clearances are good for a whopping five years.

August Mailing

  • In all your summertime shuffles and adventures, keep an eye on your mailbox in August for:
  • Info from Sarah
  • End-of-day options and logistics
  • Info from your PTO
  • Other fun stuff from the Main Office to help get you back in the school grind