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January 31, 2019

Mold Symposium Had Us Wheezing With Delight

The 39th Annual Delaware Valley Fourth Grade Mold Symposium was a great success last Wednesday! PMFS was the host this year, welcoming Abington and Green Street Friends Schools. Students spent the morning presenting their tri-fold boards to each other. The boards explained their scientific procedure, observations, and results from an experiment they designed.

There were an amazing variety of foods and conditions that were tested. Students noted oddities like bread not growing any mold at all after four weeks, wet bread growing mold much faster than wet cheese, and foods becoming totally unrecognizable. The Symposium always ends with each school performing a mold song written for the occasion. Look in the right sidebar to read our kids’ hilarious song!

Mišo Introduces Himself

Hi! My name is Mišo Vukčević (pronounced me-show) and I am thrilled to be the new Gym Teacher and a member of the Beyond the Bell staff.

I was born in Cyprus but I am originally from Montenegro. I earned my Fine Arts degree at Davidson, an idyllic little escape in North Carolina with rigorous academia. Despite being really into art, I’ve been an athlete my entire life, going as far as playing basketball for a professional team in Cyprus and attending regular summer camps with the National Team of Montenegro. Through those opportunities I got the privilege of coaching basketball at my high school and mentoring others to get to similar achievements.

I love it at PMFS! The students are amazing and I am grateful for the special privilege of teaching all the grades throughout the week. As overwhelming as it has been to try and learn everyone’s names in the first few weeks, working here and watching my relationship with the students develop and expand has been absolutely fulfilling. The teachers here do an AMAZING job of cherishing and preparing children to have an impact in the world, to be role models, and to serve as an inspiration to their peers – it is my goal to seamlessly integrate into that philosophy by encouraging and facilitating the physical development of every child.

More Light Table Learning

The Dragonflies have found another great use for their new light table! Students trace a printed version of their name for morning sign-in. It is really helping some of our littles to print their letters clearly and to remember to go from left to right on the paper. Thanks again to the Dragonfly parents for this wonderful and versatile gift!

Journalism with Jenny

Jonas’ mom, Jenny, came in to do a wonderful journalism workshop with Fourth Grade. Jenny is a staff writer for the magazine Science, so she really knows her stuff! She talked about the process of writing a story, from finding a topic, to interviewing, to finding a suitable publication. After Jenny demonstrated her interview technique, the kids got a chance to try it out for themselves by interviewing each other.

Parent Coffee Tomorrow!

Join us at February’s monthly Parent Coffee and find out how PMFS builds expertise in math. Second Grade Teacher Susan Holt will be leading us in a guided exploration of the techniques and pedagogy that PMFS teachers use to deliver the Math in Focus program in Kindergarten through Sixth Grade. Coffee and breakfast are on us.

Where? Corson Lobby
When? Friday, February 1, 8:00 – 9:00 am
Who? Anyone who can’t rattle off the definition of number bonds, scaffolding, bar models, algebraic expressions, and metacognition faster than their kids

Virtual PTO Meeting Sign-up

Please join us for our monthly PTO meeting on Wednesday, February 6, at 8:00 pm from the comfort of your own home. If you plan to attend please sign up here  no later than 5:00 pm on Tuesday, February 5.  The signup will close at that time and Kim will send out a conference line via email.
The agenda will include a PMFS Camp presentation from Nate Bergey and well as an exciting fundraiser announcement from Miriam Von Essen.

Time to Register for Summer Camp at PMFS!

It might be hard to believe right now, but it will be slip ‘n’ slide weather again! Check out the flyer toward the bottom of this page, or go right to the Summer Camp web page to see the exciting programming on offer for kids ages 3-12.

Mold Song 2019

“A Wheezer”, by John B
Sung to the tune of “Believer” by Imagine Dragons

First things first,
I will wait ’til conditions are just right.
I’m tired of the dry low-humidity at night, oh ooh.
Humidity at night, oh oooh.

Second things second,
as it warms up past 55 degrees,
I’m a fungi who unchecked can pass along disease, oh ooh.
Can pass along disease oh, oooh.

I was hypha at a young age,
making a network of small masses,
waiting to grow mycelium,
that form into
spores that I store on me,
waiting to fling ‘em
apart in your HVAC,
or that old loaf of multigrain be
driving the homeowner insane.
See it’s my duty to be a…

I make you a, I make you a, a wheezer.
A wheezer.
I break it down, I send it up your sneezer.
Your sneezer.
Oh let my babies fly into your brain.
Your eyes, your lungs your sinuses in
I make you a, I make you a, a wheezer.
A wheezer.

Third things third,
Send your spores through the vents and out above,
through the grate, on your food, even underneath your oven, ooh.
Yes underneath your oven, ooh.

I was choking on the ground,
waiting from rain up in the clouds,
falling real hard and leaking down
right through that roof that wasn’t sound.
And now people with asthma or cystic fibrosis
could manifest symptoms of aspergillosis.
Cause I abound, I abound, with

I make you a, I make you a, a wheezer.
A wheezer.
I break it down, I send it up your sneezer.
Your sneezer.
Oh let my babies fly into your brain.
Your eyes, your lungs your sinuses in
I make you a, I make you a, a wheezer.
A wheezer.

February Vacation Care

Sign-ups are now open for Vacation Care on February 18 & 19. February 18 is Presidents’ Day, and February 19 is an in-service day. Register by 2/11 for a discounted rate.

Seeking Lunch Volunteers

PTO needs volunteers to help the lunch program run smoothly. Please sign up to lend a hand for just one day, or every week. It’s much appreciated!

Give Your Little Superstar a Yearbook Shout-Out!

Can you believe we’re already talking about the Yearbook? But Sixth Graders are hard at work putting it together for June, so now’s your chance to buy an ad to celebrate your sweetie. You can send in pictures, text, or both! Click here to read more about it, and here to print the order form. Orders are due April 3, the day we get back from Spring Break.

2019 Summer Camps - w_ pictures (11)

Upcoming @PMFS

Friday, February 1
Parent Coffee (Math Curriculum), 8:00-9:00 am, Corson Lobby

Monday, February 4
Theatre Horizon visits 1st Grade

Wednesday, February 6
PTO Meeting, 8:00 pm (virtual – sign up here by 2/4 at 5:00 pm to join in)

Thursday, February 7
Meeting for Worship, 8:30-9:00 am – join us!
5th Grade parent meeting, 6:30 pm

Friday, February 8
6th Grade restaurant trip

Monday, February 11
Theatre Horizon visits 1st Grade

Thursday, February 14
Valentine’s Day
Re-enrollment contracts due
Meeting for Worship, 8:30-9:00 am – join us!
6th Grade to Barnes & Noble

Want more info on happenings at school? 
Go to, where you can subscribe to the PMFS Public Calendar.

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