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January 15, 2021

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Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day of Justice and Service

All PMFS students, families, faculty, and staff are invited to join in this year’s virtual MLK Day of Justice and Service.  All the activities are designed to help us connect with one another, support our communities, and learn more about social justice, racial justice, and equality.

MANY THANKS to the PTO for creating the following resource for our community!

How to Take Part in 2021

Families can participate this year by watching these videos selected for your grade group, reflecting, and then responding. Add your thoughts on this padlet! Flip through others’ responses and pop around to other grades. While viewing or reading, consider the following self-reflection questions:

  • What did this response make you think about?
  • What do you think about social justice?  

Younger students may instead enjoy drawing a picture and writing a couple sentences about their observations.

MLK Jr. Day Videos

Pre-K & Kindergarten


  • What is different about your friends that makes you special? What is different about you that makes you special?
  • How do these videos make you feel?
  • What did Martin Luther King Jr. believe?
  • Like Martin Luther King Jr., what would you change to make the world a better place?

Martin Luther King Jr. Day |PBS Kids. A quick overview of the history behind MLK Jr. Day of Service

I am Martin Luther King Jr. A New York Times bestselling picture book read aloud. The book defines racism (in an age-appropriate format) and discusses Martin Luther King’s beliefs that it’s better to have more love in your heart than hate.

And, see below The Story of Martin Luther King Jr. by Kid President. An overview of Martin Luther King Jr. as defined by a sweet and smart kiddo!

 1st-2nd grade

Query: To what extent do I avoid differences to avoid conflicts?

The Legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. by Brain Pop

The Story of Martin Luther King Jr. by Kid President. Like Martin Luther King Jr., Kid President believes in making the world more awesome.  What is your dream for making the world more awesome?

3rd-4th grade

Query: What am I doing with my talents, time, money, and possessions? Am I sharing them according to the Light I am given?

Should 2020 Be Forgotten? A Birmingham Choir Rings Out The Year With “Auld Lang Syne” | NPR

MLK Jr. Biography Bio, for kids

For those Hamilton fans, here is a MLK Jr. Bio,  in song and rap

How am I persistent in my efforts to promote constructive change?

 5th-6th grade

Query: How do I face conflicts with patience? What does forbearance and openness to healing mean?

National Civil Rights Museum. Take a virtual tour of  the Lorraine Motel, in Memphis, Tennessee, where Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated, now the National Civil Rights Museum.

26 Mini-Films for Exploring Race, Bias and Identity With Students. Videos great for discussion with your families. Click here for these free New York Times curated films.

What are the ways that I act as a true and good Friend to work toward overcoming separations and restoring wholeness?

Welcome to the Main Office, Kali!

Hi, I’m Kali Brink and I have just started working in the Main Office. I am so happy to be joining your community! While I am new to PMFS, my 9 year old son, Cameron, attends Newtown Friends School, so I am very familiar with the benefits of a Friends education. I previously worked at George School, as well as an independent elementary school in the Boston area. 

My family and I live in Oreland with our German Shepherd, Juno. I enjoy cooking and baking in my spare time, and look forward to working with all of you!

Pizza Mondays are Baccccccck!

Sign up for your child to get a slice (or two?) of Pizza on Mondays in February, care of your PTO. Use this Pizza Day Order Form to sign up and pay. Orders due by Wednesday, January 27.


Investigating Homes from Home

First and second graders have been investigating houses around the world thinking about how the different regions and cultures are reflected in the houses. While learning from home this week they are exploring their own house: What is it made of? Does it stand alone or with others? What makes it special and what makes it a home? Parents were invited to observe with their kids, but asked to let students perceptions lead the inquiry.  The culmination of this project is a large home portrait and a written description, My House.

Good Ideas For Any Year

From Friends Journal, 1988

Learn about Race & Inclusion (and Support Local Bookshops) 

Given both recent events and those of the last year, this is an invaluable time to reflect on the life and legacy of Martin Luther King, Jr. and the work still to be done in our country.

Check out PMFS’ updated Children’s Book World webstore. The curated section Elementary Reading: MLK Jr & Social Justice includes picture books to read with younger children and chapter books for independent readers. Adult Suggestions: Diversity, Equity & Inclusion has readings for adults to learn more too. Find and purchase books here.  Book sales benefit PMFS (15%) and the Children’s Book World, an independent bookstore in Haverford (15%).   

Support Uncle Bobbie’s Coffee and Books, a local bookstore on Germantown Ave. in Philadelphia owned by a POC, by purchasing from these lists of books to read with your children for Martin Luther King Jr Day.

More to Do

The African American Museum in Philadelphia, located at 701 Arch St., annually hosts a Martin Luther King Jr. Day celebration. For 2021, the weekend activities will take place virtually. More information on each day’s specific activities is available at AAMP’s website.

Historic Fair Hill is a non-profit organization whose mission is to preserve the historic Fair Hill Quaker burial ground and assure that its history and the ideals of the people interred there continue to speak to the world, and to act as a collaborative partner in the revitalization of the Fair Hill community through school partnerships for literacy, greening, and community engagement events. PMFS has partnered with them over the past few years for our book drive, and they are hosting an in-person service opportunity on MLK Day for any interested families. Click here for details.

Philadelphia Magazine directs us to a day of service portal, full of local activities and has an MLK Jr. coloring book here.

Organizations to Support

Since we can’t be together to provide service on MLK Day this year, here’s a couple of ideas of how to support BIPOC organizations in our local community:


Miss making BREAKFAST BAGS? In past years, we have come together to help assemble and provide ACLAMO (Accion Comunal Latinoamericana de Montgomery County, or the Latin American Community Action of Montgomery County) with breakfast bags, winter clothes, and small toys/trinkets.  To continue to support them, donate here.

Mill Creek Urban Farm

In their own words, “Founded in 2005, Mill Creek Farm is an educational urban farm that is led by people of color. We cultivate and distribute fresh produce, host farm-based learning programs for people of all ages and demonstrate ecological technologies to provide for basic needs.” There are donation, wish list, and volunteer options available on their website.

Bartram’s Garden

“The Bartrams’ agricultural legacy and our modern commitment to food sovereignty take root at the Sankofa Community Farm at Bartram’s Garden. After several years of transition, the farm is now firmly rooted at Bartram’s Garden and in our Southwest Philadelphia neighborhood, with an African focus for our work, strong local leadership guiding our vision, and renewed resources and partnerships to sustain youth development, community health, and food sovereignty.” Support by donating or becoming a member of the farm here.

Haws Avenue Soup Kitchen

The Haws Avenue Soup Kitchen provides meals to those who need it most in Western Norristown. There are options to donate to the soup kitchen, food pantry, youth fund or the church itself here.

Inter- Faith Housing Alliance

“Inter-Faith Housing Alliance provides opportunities for families in our diverse community to achieve self-sufficiency by offering community-based programs designed to bridge homelessness and independence.” You can donate here. They also offer some great resources on racial equity, including books and videos here.

Germantown Avenue Crisis Ministry

“To connect at-risk Northwest Philadelphia residents to resources within themselves and the community, that resolve their crises, stabilize their lives and equip them to take the next step(s) toward self-sufficiency.” Make a general donation or donate to their food pantry.

Upcoming @PMFS

Monday, January 18
MLK Day of Justice & Service — School Closed

Tuesday, January 19
Classes resume in person

Thursday, January 21
Meeting for Worship, 9:00-9:30 am

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