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February 22, 2018

Signups for Sharing Are Now Available

Hello PMFS Community,

This is a quick update to let you know that you can now sign up to share in person about your experience at PMFS with School Committee members (now through March 16). You can access the online sign up sheet here:

Sign up to share about your experience at PMFS.

You can also share about your experience in writing (also through March 16) by using our online form available here:

Share about your experience in writing.

For more details about this opportunity, you can read our announcement here.

And finally, if you run into any problems with these online forms, or you have questions about them, feel free to e-mail Tom Hoopes, clerk of School Committee.

Thank you,
Your School Committee

Curriculum Redux on the Plymouth Website

Have yet to peruse our new website, with our curriculum articulated by grade? This week, we feature Social-Emotional Learning!

An emphasis on respect and positive relationships is at the heart of a PMFS education, as we appreciate that social-emotional learning is as important as the academic curriculum to student development. We believe it is particularly relevant in these divisive times to recognize and foster the skills and experience that are needed to contribute to peace, respect, and care in the world. Concepts of “grit”, “resilience”, and “emotional intelligence” are buzzwords in academia today, but at PMFS, social-emotional learning has been the cornerstone of our program for well over a century. Today, our social-emotional program is intentionally crafted with active, creative learning experiences, far-reaching study and life skills, and a rigorous curriculum in which kids can take risks and grow within a nurturing and emotionally safe environment.

Click here to read more on the website about our Social-Emotional Learning at each grade level Kindergarten through Sixth Grade.

“PMFS allowed me to grow as a person, knowing that I was in an environment where I could truly be myself, and that helped a lot when I went off to middle and high school because I was much more confident in who I was.” “” PMFS alum

Sixth Grade strengthening their communication and problem-solving skills as they untie themselves from a Human Knot with School Social Worker Phyllis

Brain Breaks for Mindfulness in First Grade

In First Grade, as in all grades at PMFS, students are encouraged to take Brain Breaks to be able to reengage with””or simply begin””learning. As one First Grader said, “Brain Breaks are something we do to get our energy out so we can focus. Like before Math, Jane will give us a Brain Break, like run laps or something, so we can get the job done.” Another remarked, “it lets us get the air out of our bodies so we can learn.” First Grade Teacher Jane has filled a mug with Popsicle sticks, each ascribed with a different idea for a Brain Break. Yesterday, a First Grader drew the “Water Pump Laps” stick. Students promptly left the carpet, lined up at the back door of the First Grade classroom, and ran out back to excitedly do 10 laps around the water pump behind the Emerson Building.

Water Pump Laps in Action

On the topic of the importance of mindfulness, Phyllis has shared the following resources on discussing this abstract concept to children: Mindfulness and the Brain””How to Explain It to Children.

100 Days in Kindergarten

Kindergarten celebrated 100 Days of School yesterday with a fashion show! Students custom-made T-shirts to represent 100 of an item, everything from pom-pom hockey pucks and sticker food to “nature things” and gems. They then paraded in front of the Butterflies class outside to share their creations.

Today, Kindergartners did a snack share, with each student bringing in (of course) 100 pieces of a snack food to share. Everyone grouped their snacks in 10s and then contributed it to the “snack soup.” Kindergartners then performed the math problem with how many 100s they had in the “snack soup.” It turns out they had 17, coming to the conclusion that overall, they had 1,700 pieces of snack that they’ll be enjoying for the next two weeks.

This kind of timed, thematic learning enhances number concepts that are in their fundamental stages. Kindergartners are becoming aware of the connection between “math” and their everyday lives; and explorations such as these stimulate their math reasoning and create opportunities for critical thinking. Sharing their work and elation with their younger peers fosters a sense of community and foreshadows for the Butterflies what they can look forward to doing next year.

Fromage aux Papillons

Or “Cheese in Butterflies”

Butterflies Teacher Kate traveled to Paris recently and brought back with her goodies to share with the Butterfly students. In their very own Parisian Café, everyone sampled the colorful macaroons and various kinds of cheese, talking about their different properties. What a lucky class- while they just see cheese and sweets, their teachers are providing an opportunity for students to develop their cognitive skills to observe, notice, and compare.

A Message from Phyllis

Dear PMFS parents,

In light of the recent tragedy in Florida, our hearts continue to be heavy. As we move forward, I’m available to speak with parents over the phone or in person. Also, at parent request, I can check in with your child at school. Depending on the level of interest, I’m offering to meet with parents as a group during an afternoon or one evening and review helpful points from my talk on January 31 about how to speak to your children about difficult news and tragedy.

I’m at PMFS on Tuesdays and Thursdays, 9:00 am – 3:00 pm. Please feel free to call me at 610.828.2288 x5249 or e-mail me anytime.

In the meantime, peace….


Contract Reminder

Enrollment Contracts are past due. Please contact Lael in the Admissions Office with any questions or extension requests.

Save the Date: Next Parent Coffee

When: Friday, March 2, 8:00 – 9:15 am

Where: Annie H.

Who: All Current PMFS Parents (and we’ve invited some folks who can lend some experience on the topic)

Topic: Life After PMFS

Spring Break Vacation Care Sign Up is Open!

Sign up for Spring Break Vacation Care! Early Bird (discounted) registration through Monday, March 12.
Early Childhood through Grade 2: Come explore the PMFS woods with us! Hiking, geocaching, and more!
Third through Sixth Grade: We’ll be out and about in Philadelphia! Join us as we explore the city! Trips will include: The Reading Terminal Market, hiking in the Wissahickon and more!
*Don’t worry, there will also be ample time to hang out at PMFS*
Click here for more information and to enroll.

Fun times in Ex-Day and Vacation Care

During Vacation Care on Monday, February 19, we traveled to the Class of 1923 Ice Rink at Penn to catch a professional ice hockey team, the Montreal Canadians, practice before their game against the Flyers. We came back to campus for a game of our own!
On Tuesday, February 20, we enjoyed the sunshine with lots of time in the woods, a picnic outside of Journey’s End and sewing with Barbara.

Believe! The Fourth Grade Circus

Featuring Slings and Tight Ropes and (of course) Unicycles

Taking place under the Big Top of the Steinbright Auditorium, the circus awaits you on Friday, March 16 and Saturday, March 17 at 7:00 pm. Tickets for both performances are available for $7 each. Send cash or checks to the Main Office.

Save the Date for A Special Event!

Coming up on Thursday, March 22 is Grandparents and Special Friends Day, a day for loved ones to visit your child’s classroom and learn more about their time at school. Look for your invitation next week in your Red Folder to give to grandparents or special friends.

Seedlings Summer Camp 2018

Registration is now open! 

June 25 – July 27 ·
Five 1-week sessions

For Campers 3 – 6 years of age (entering First Grade)

Directed by Kate McInerney-Rowley””PMFS Early Childhood Butterfly Teacher & PMFS alum””Seedlings summer camp is open-ended exploration and nature and water play on the playground, in the woods, and on the fields. Campers experience the joy of spending their days outdoors in a supportive play environment in a program designed specifically for children, 3-6 years of age (entering first grade). Additional weekly activities will include children’s yoga, dance and movement classes, and fun group games throughout our beautiful campus. Open to all-tell your friends and neighbors!

Join us for any or all five weeks.

$350 per week ($280 for four-day week of July 2)

June 25 – June 29
July 2  – 6 (closed july 4)
July 9 – 13
July 16 – 20
July 23 – 27

8:00 am – 3:30 pm

Lavner Camps will not hold camps here at PMFS for summer 2018. Dayna has great ideas for our own camp for children 6 years of age and up, and we need some more time to develop them. We’re hopeful that we’ll be able to offer additional camp options for next summer, but for now, Seedlings will be our only camp on campus this summer.

Upcoming @PMFS

Wednesday, February 28
Open Library, 3:15 – 4:15 pm

Thursday, March 1
Mexican Exchange Program, Part 2, begins: Fifth Grade leaves for 2 weeks in Mexico
Worship Sharing, 8:30 – 9:00 am

Friday, March 2
Parent Coffee: Life After Plymouth, 8:00 – 9:15 am

Looking Ahead: 
Thursday, March 8
Building Bridges, Community Meeting, 6:30 pm
Click here to read more.

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