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April 25, 2019

Screen-Free Week Starts Monday!

PMFS has a long tradition of joining in with National Screen-Free Week every year. We know it’s important for children and families to take a break from TVs, computers, phones, and game consoles to reconnect with each other and the world around us. Our librarians recommend these picture books on the theme of “unplugging.” We invite YOU to unplug as much as your family can. There’s lots happening on campus next week to keep you busy instead:

  • Tuesday, April 30
    Playground Playdate, 3:00-4:30 pm
  • Wednesday, May 1
    Dining out at the Trolley Car Diner with PTO (You can dine out at the Trolley Car other nights this week to support PMFS, too! See the flyer below.)
  • Thursday, May 2
    Sixth Grade Musical, 7:00 pm, Steinbright
  • Friday, May 3
    Parent Coffee, 8:00 am, Fifth Grade classroom
    Sixth Grade Musical, 7:00 pm, Steinbright

Musical Memories

Of course you know that the 2019 Sixth Grade Musical, B.A. Wulf, is Thursday, May 2 & Friday, May 3 at 7:00 pm in the Steinbright building (click here for tickets), but what about musicals past? What musical memories do PMFS alumni hold dear?

“Our teachers were able to utilize our strengths in ways that supported our confidence (kids with dance experience helped choreograph, for example) as well as inspire us with challenges we may not have encountered before (a singing lead, for example, for someone who hadn’t previously performed a solo).”

-Erin Schmitt, alumna and mom of Mari, Georgia, and Aida

“The first time I teared up because something was beautiful was during a rehearsal for my 6th grade musical. Reiss, Dragonfly Teacher Martha’s son, hit a transcendent high note during a solo.”

-Maeve Sutherland, alumna and friendly PMFS Office Lady

“I looked forward to the Sixth Grade Musical my entire Plymouth career. My script for the musical was my most prized possession, which I kept in a blue vinyl 3-ring binder. I remember blocking my ‘big scene’ and feeling proud of myself for executing it onstage.”

-Audrey Henninger, alumna and Third Grade Teacher

The Nitty-Gritty of Cities

Fifth Graders are embarking on a journey to create their own cities. The class studies all the parts of what makes a city by going on trips to places like Philly’s water treatment plant and a local landfill. Then small groups of students draw their cities, allocate their budget, and discuss tough questions like: 

  • What type of government will you have? How are officials decided? How often? Who will run the city and how will they get the money to run it?
  • What are the laws and who will enforce them?
  • Who gets to go to school? At what ages? What kinds of classes do the schools offer?
  • How will you handle refugees and migrants?

The goals of the project are to understand cities, to be able to collaborate in a group, and to express one’s thoughts about cities in a creative and artistic way.  


Brave Little Spider Monkeys

In Science class, First Graders went tree-climbing! They learned that they can overcome their fear and succeed at something new, even if it’s hard. Parents, you may one day be invited to Thanksgiving in the forest — First Graders were heard making plans to live in a tree when they grow up.

“Sell-a-Book” with Megan

The Second Graders have been “selling” (recommending) books they like to their classmates in Library. They sit around the rug and take turns talking about a fiction book they’ve read that they think others might enjoy. They tell: the title, author, central story/problem, and where in the library the book can be found. Soon they will begin “selling” nonfiction books as well. The exercise brings lots of books to the attention of the whole class and helps kids remember where each kind of book is located.

Last Chance to Get a Discount on Summer Camp

The Early-Bird Discount ends Wednesday, May 1, so now’s the time to register your child for PMFS Summer Camp. Choose from great themes like Science with Amanda, Yoga with Kate, Theater with John B and Gillian, and Spanish with Kate and Gladys. Check out our website for more info.

Plymouth Prance – Join the Fun and Help Us Reach Our Goal

The Plymouth Prance is 16 days away! We can’t wait to put on our “prancing” shoes on May 11th. Get ready to enjoy a lovely Spring morning together with students, parents, and teachers. There will be a spirited and joyful walk in nature, food, drinks, fun, a nature-themed playground, and YOU– all in celebration and support of PMFS. 

But first, we have to reach our fundraising goal! Please take a moment to visit our event website and check out your child’s fundraising page. If every Plymouth family pledges their support to the event—and better yet, shares their fundraising link with their family members and friends through Facebook and email—our school will easily reach our goal!

Thanks in advance for your participation and a big thank-you to those who have already pledged their support and shared the event through their networks! Prance on!

Out Comes the Sun

Dragonflies enjoyed this sunny morning by tracing the shadows from their toy animals onto paper.

PTO Officer Nominations for 2019-20

PMFS is looking for a few enthusiastic, thoughtful and generous parents to serve as Officers of the PMFS PTO (Parent Teacher Organization), which all parents are members of. We are seeking nominations for next year’s PTO Co-Clerks, Co-Treasurers, Recording Clerk, and a Co-Clerk of the Food Program.

The PTO is indispensable in making our school the vibrant, wonderful place it is. It oversees the lunch program and popular events such as Family Movie Night and the Strawberry Festival, which bring our community closer together. The PTO also raises funds for playground enhancements, classroom technology, assemblies and special projects. PTO Clerks are a vital link between parents and PMFS.

Who do you know who has a passion for PMFS and wants to see our community thrive? Is it you? Is it a friend? We welcome your input! Self-nominations are welcome.

PTO volunteers have monthly PTO meetings, as well as a minimal number of additional meetings to discuss the budget, planning of events, and other PTO issues.

Nominations are due by Monday, April 29. Send your nomination or questions to Ralph Henninger, Director of Development and PTO liaison, at or by phone at 610.828.2288 x224.

Playground Playdate

Tuesday, April 30, 3:00 – 4:30 pm
Click here to RSVP

You’re invited! Bring friends old and new (especially if they might be interested in Plymouth!) to the playground on Tuesday. If you RSVP, we can get enough snacks (and if you don’t, we’ll just share).

NEW: Pay PMFS Online

Hey, look at us keeping up with the times! You can now pay PMFS for ANYTHING (tuition, field trips, honey…) online! Just choose “Make a Payment” on our website’s “Quick Links” menu. Credit card processing fees apply, but it sure is convenient. And of course, you can still use your old analog methods if you prefer.

Paddle (Almost!) to the Sea

Third Graders have completed their “Paddle to the Sea” boats and will soon release them into the water during their 3-day overnight to Wallops Island. They all have PMFS’s address on them, so hopefully we’ll get a letter if any of them are found!

Parent Coffee: Really, a Mexican Exchange for 10-year olds?!

Next Friday, May 3, 8:00 – 9:00 am
Starting in the 5th Grade Classroom, followed by discussion in Annie H.

Question: What do PMFS Fifth Graders do while they’re in Mexico? How do their experiences affect them, short-term and long-term? Can parents pretend to be a cactus and follow them for two-weeks?

Answer: The Fifth Graders themselves (as well as faculty and parents) will tell you all about it!

We’re looking forward to both hearing from the Fifth Graders and discussing your questions about the Exchange. Let’s plan ahead for the kids; please email Joyce in the Admission Office to confirm you’ll be there.

Book Fair Coming to the PMFS Library

Tuesday, May 7, 3:00-6:00 pm
Wednesday, May 8, 3:00-7:00 pm
Thursday, May 9, 7:30-8:30 am
(Why not come to Meeting for Worship afterwards?)
& 3:00-6:00 pm

Children’s Book World is bringing the annual PMFS book fair to our library! On Monday, May 6, a representative from the bookstore will come to school to give book talks to grades K – 6. Your child and your child’s teacher will have filled out a book wish list. Proceeds will go towards buying more books for our lovely school.

Vacation Care on May 10

Sign your child up for Vacation Care on Friday, May 10 for a day of play and planned activities. Register by May 6 for the Early Bird price.

Strawberry Festival Volunteering

Strawberry Festival is our biggest all-school event of the year and always brings lots of alumni home for a visit. Is June 1 on your calendar yet? Because the kids and the school are counting on YOU to bring the party! We rely on 100% parent participation to keep this event running smoothly and be the fun face of this wonderful school … for more than 80 years!

Lemon sticks, strawberry shortcake, games, and so much more… it’s going to be great!

2019 Summer Camps - Two Sided (5)

Upcoming @PMFS

Friday, April 26
4th gets back from DC
3rd gets back from Wallops Island
2nd gets back from camping trip
1st on overnight at school

Monday, April 29
Screen-Free Week begins
PTO Nominations due

Tuesday, April 30
Playground Playdate, 3:00-4:30 pm

Wednesday, May 1
Dining Out with PTO at the Trolley Car Diner
Last day for Early Bird Discount for Summer Camp

Thursday, May 2
6th Grade Musical, Steinbright 7:00 pm

Friday, May 3
Parent Coffee, 8:00- 9:00 — Discover the long-lasting benefits to our Mexican Exchange Program
6th Grade to Japanese Tea House
6th Grade Musical, Steinbright 7:00 pm

Want more info on happenings at school? 
Go to, where you can subscribe to the PMFS Public Calendar.

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