Children learn at various rates and in various ways. Sometimes children benefit from extra support or further enrichment for their developing skills.  At PMFS, we are able to provide our students with strong integrated and supplementary learning support, whether in the form of targeted remediation or thoughtful enhancement when the need arises.  

As part of our Educational Care Team, Maura Sutherland, our Learning Specialist, consults with teachers to review student progress and helps to craft and implement individual learning plans for students.

How are students usually identified for learning support?

Our Learning Support Specialist works closely with teachers, through ongoing consultation and targeted student assessment, to ensure that our students’ learning needs are met.  When teachers feel that additional learning support would benefit a child, Maura supplements teacher observations and benchmark assessments with a brief school-based evaluation and makes recommendations. Often, the next step is setting up a support plan in consultation with the child’s parents and teacher.

When does learning support take place?

Learning support can begin at any time during the school year. Students continuing with a learning plan from the previous school year pick up their work in September.  Students who require modifications in their plans or new plans will typically begin work in October. Younger students are often identified for support a bit later in the school year once academic needs become apparent. Learning support can span one or more school years or just a few months, all depending on students’ needs.   

Learning support during the school day can take many forms from pull-out sessions of 20-40 minutes in small groups with Maura, to a pull-out individualized program of study, to a “push-in” model of classroom-based support with an extra instructor, to a specialized plan sometimes involving targeted home study. No matter the support model, solid partnerships with families are key to positive outcomes for students.