Weekly Meeting for Worship

Every Thursday morning, we enter the Meetinghouse on campus for Meeting for Worship. Gathering in that space and settling into silence allows us to connect on a spiritual level. The benches in the Meetinghouse face each other, allowing us to minister to each other— a reminder that we see “that of God” in every member of our community. For 25 minutes, we sit and listen. Sometimes, a small voice rises up and speaks into the silence; sometimes not.

We invite you and your families to Meeting for Worship for 25 minutes each Thursday while we operate remotely, beginning at 9:00am. We will meet on a Zoom video conference. Check your email or Drive folder for link.

During this time of uncertainty and constant change, we can enter this silent space together. You may come and go as you are able. If you are moved to so, please unmute your computer and share during the silence. At school, we guide students to share only once during Meeting and remind them that they should not respond to what others share. We simply allow community members to lift up their reflections and release them.

Adjusted Schedule

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April 6-17: Teachers doing virtual check-ins with parents in lieu of conferences
April 1:
PMFS begins remote instruction
March 13-March 31: Extended Spring Break
March 12: PMFS closes early for Spring Break, per Governor’s mandate. All in-person PMFS activities cancelled until further notice

Cancelled/Suspended Activities

All activities will be cancelled or re-imagined virtually for the remainder of the school year, including the MexEx50 Celebration, which has been rescheduled for November 2020.