These websites have been carefully curated by our Learning Specialist and Librarian for fun and (mostly) independent learning.

Art (all ages)

Lunch Doodles with Mo Willems   

The author/illustrator of the “Pigeon” books and “Elephant and Piggy” leads online drawing activities for kids. This provides older children a chance to peek behind the scenes with Mo Willems and learn about his creative process. Younger children can have fun drawing along, but you may have to seek out those spots in these 20-25 minute videos. 

Art (all ages with assistance; 4th – 6th Grade independently)

12 museum virtual tours   

Virtual tours and online exhibits of some of the most famous museums around the world. Some older students will enjoy using this resource independently. 

Books, Read-Aloud (Pre-K – 3rd Grade)

Storyline Online 

Celebrities read children’s books for children.  Seeing the readers adds a personalized feel.  

Books, Online (all ages)

ABDO online books

Username: ABDO
Password: email Jill at for password!

This publisher of books for schools and libraries has made hundreds of their books (many in Spanish) available online. Young children will need help selecting books and navigating the screen for turning pages. 

Capstone Interactive eBooks

Username: continue
Password: email Jill at for password!

This is an especially good resource for elementary age children in interested in listening to books. Each book has audio support from professional voice-over artists and engaging introductory music. Young children will need help selecting books and navigating the screen for turning pages. 

Coding (all ages)

Hour of Code 

Offers a number of game-like coding apps, many of them free portions of apps that are usually fee-based. 

Offers coding curriculum and activities for all ages, including pre-readers. 

Math Activities (K – 6th Grade) 

This site offers activities, many non-screen-based, for focusing on the fun in math. Short Math challenges are designed to be used with parent support, but there is a special section for hands-on exploration that children may be able to do independently once set up.  

Movement and Mindfulness (all ages)


Find videos here for children promoting mindfulness and movement in many forms. 

Music (all ages)

Chrome Music Lab 

This browser-based music app for all ages allows for easy music composition, practice in music notation, learning about instruments, and more.

Science Exploration (K – 5th Grade)

Mystery Science 

These lessons on science topics are based on short videos and are sorted by grade level. The mini-lessons are based on questions from children, and the lesson is simply to view the video. The “full lessons” have additional activities, but those videos also work as a standalone lesson. 

Social Studies Exploration (5th & 6th Grade)


Username: PMFS
Password: email Jill at for password!

This is a great resource for self-directed students to explore global cultures.

Topical Interests, including Spanish (2nd – 6th Grade)

PebbleGo (English & Spanish)

Username: engaged
Password: learning

A simple, safe resource for students in 2nd-4th grades to explore (Animals, Health, Science, Social Studies, and Biographies) and where 4th-6th graders can challenge themselves in Spanish translation.   


Adobe Spark

Create videos with this simple-to-use browser-based tool. You will need to set up a parent or student account.