For 2020/21 school year, PMFS has modified schedules and routines, to better serve our in-person and PMFS at Home students. Students learn in vertical class “pods.” Each pod resides in a separate building, with dedicated indoor and outdoor learning spaces used daily. 

Students delve into 2-week long projects with one Specials teacher at a time, limiting Specials movement through pods. This in-depth learning promotes problem-solving, collaboration, and long-term retention of knowledge. Spanish language class is taught outside or through Zoom to promote consistent exposure and practice.

Our simplified schedule and its predictability serve students well if a pod or the entire school transitions to a fully virtual format. 

Weekly Schedule for When the Whole School/Class is Virtual (Updated Nov 2020)

Weekly Schedule for When School/Class is In Person (with option for virtual learners)

Classroom teachers and the PMFS Main Office can provide Zoom links to support students who need to learn from home for short periods of time.