Narrow your Focus to 3-4 Independent Schools:

  • Remember that, in school choice, it is the MATCH between your child and the school that matters most.
  • Consider the family. Applying to schools is a family endeavor; think about siblings who may follow.
  • Reflect on special features and disciplines of the schools.
  • Trust your gut; there are a plethora of good schools where your child will shine.
  • Be flexible; there is an element of the unexpected in this process. Your impressions of a school may differ from what you expected.

For Each Independent School Application:

  • Set the date for your child’s visit
  • Prepare for your child’s visit
    • Speak with your child about showing his/her “best” self and how to be on his/her best behavior. (Be yourself, the self you show your great-aunt)
    • Contact the school to find out about special needs for the day of the visit.
    • Inform PMFS in advance of your child’s absence from school, if applicable.
  • Get forms from each school for PMFS; sign and turn all forms in to the PMFS Office for distribution within PMFS:
    • Records release form
    • Teacher recommendation form(s)
  • Turn in to each school admissions office:
    • Application form (we recommend by early November)
    • Copy of your child’s PMFS Portfolio
    • Financial aid packet (we recommend by December 1)