The School District of Philadelphia Office of Student Enrollment and Placement accepts online applications in the fall of each school year.

Philadelphia resident students go through the School District of Philadelphia Office of Student Enrollment and Placement to apply to three types of schools:

  1. Special Admission Middle Schools (aka Magnet schools)
  2. Citywide Admission Middle Schools (no admission criteria; selection by lottery)
  3. Neighborhood Middle Schools (Students who live outside a school’s attendance area may still apply for admission there, to be chosen by lottery. Two neighborhood middle schools have magnet programs within them, which also require applications. These are Hamilton Elementary Elementary School AIMS Program (Grades 6 to 8) and Grover Washington, Jr. Middle School Music Magnet Program (Grades 5 to 8).

(For Philadelphia charter schools, see section below, “Transferring to Philadelphia CHARTER Schools,” as these schools maintain individual admission requirements and timelines!)

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Transferring to a Philadelphia Charter School

Charter schools are publicly funded, independently operated public schools, according to the School District of Philadelphia Charter Schools Office. As such, they operate as single, independent entities, with separate entrance requirement and dates. Families who live in Philadelphia should contact each charter school to which they may apply separately to ask about admission requirements.

To look up a specific charter school and find out its requirements, contact information, and reports, go to

For a list of 2016-17 Philadelphia charter schools and a map of their locations within the city, go to: