All the Forms You Need in One Place

Seasonal Forms

  • May: Forms for returning students
    • Family Contact Info
      • Check your info is up-to-date in our online portal.
    • Student Health and Medical Information
      • Verify medical info is correct.
      • Paper only — came home in Red Folders.
    • Note from the School Nurse
      • Read what check-ups, etc. are required for your child to attend school next year.
    • Medication Policy
      • Read how PMFS handles medication.
    • Stocked Non-Prescription Medication Permission
      • Recommended for all students. New form required each year for PMFS to give your child OTC medicine (even cough drops and anti-itch cream).
      • Parent and pediatrician signatures needed.
    • Medication Supplied by Parent
      • Required for any short-term or ongoing medicine to be administered by PMFS
      • Parent and pediatrician signatures needed.
    • Physical Report
      • Required for incoming Kindergarten and 5th Grade students.
    • Physical Report (Pre-K)
      • Required for incoming Pre-K students.
    • Dental Report
      • Required for incoming Kindergarten and 3rd Grade students.
    • Action Plans for Children with Food Allergies or Asthma
    • Vaccinations
    • Volunteer Clearances
      • We really want you here! Make sure everything is up-to-date.
      • See “Clearances” section of this menu for requirements and forms.
  • September: Food Program Information

Medical Forms

NEW! PA immunization requirements have changed for the 2017-18 school year

All students must be up-to-date on vaccines by the start of the school year, or risk exclusion from school on day 6 of school! Click here to read the PA New Immunization Requirements 2017 for all the details. Check with your child’s physician if you have any questions.

Helpful information: Notes from the School Nurse

A variety of forms need to be submitted regularly to the School Nurse. Not all forms need to be filled out yearly; contact the Main Office if there are any questions about when forms are due.


Volunteer/Chaperone Requirements

What are the requirements for volunteering?

As of August 2015, PA state law (Act 135) requires volunteers over the age of 18 at PMFS to have three completed clearance checks. These clearances will need to be renewed every 60 months (i.e., 5 years).

Who needs these clearances?

ALL parents who wish to:

  • visit classrooms
  • act as volunteers on PMFS campus
  • chaperone any PMFS-sponsored field trips
  • chaperone any PMFS-sponsored overnights
  • volunteer on behalf of the PTO food program or in another capacity

Why do I need to start now?

  • clearances may take up to a month to process
  • teachers want to be able to welcome you into the classroom and share their adventures with you
  • some classrooms have class trips during the first days of school and rely on parent participation
  • the PTO also relies on parent volunteers to run the school lunch program

What do I do when they arrive?

Please bring originals to the PMFS Main Office so that we can make a copy for our files. For FBI Clearance/Fingerprinting, bring your UEID Number only to the Office.

For FBI Clearance/Fingerprinting, bring your UEID Number only to the Office.

  1. PA Criminal Record Check  – when the Reason for Request box comes up, choose “Volunteer” and follow instructions provided (available immediately; fee waived for volunteers)
  2. PA Child Abuse History Clearance – create an online account, return to page and choose “access my clearances;” then at bottom of each page, click “continue” until you reach the clearance request (available online, takes up to 14 days; fee waived for volunteers)
  3. One of the following, depending on length of PA residency:
  • FBI Fingerprinting / Criminal Background Check ( or call 844.321.2101) – complete if you have lived in PA less than 10 years (a multi-step process involving a “field trip” to an approved fingerprinting location; $24.25 fee) New System as of January 2018
    • Use the following Service Code to use the website:
      • Volunteers, PA Educational: 1KG6Y3
      • Employees, PA Private Schools: 1KG6V5
    • Click “Schedule or Manage Appointment” to begin registration for a fingerprinting appointment. During registration, you will receive a Universal Enrollment ID number (UEID). You will need to bring your UEID number and proof of identification to the fingerprinting center.  
    • A list of accepted photo identification and a list of fingerprinting locations can be found at

    NB: You will also need to provide your UEID number to PMFS so that the school can access your results.  However, you no longer need to provide us with a paper copy of your fingerprinting results.

  • Disclosure Statement Application for Volunteers – complete if you have lived in PA more than 10 years

Also, only for those who will be driving students on a trip:

  1. PA Driver Record ( click “I agree” to login to get your 10-year history record (fee: $10)

Additional information on clearances can be obtained at

Other Forms

  • PMFS Discussion Release – permission for PMFS staff to discuss the social and educational progress of a child with an outside individual or agency