Welcome to Plymouth Meeting Friends School! We want you to feel included and informed right from the start. The information and links below will help you successfully navigate through the first few weeks and months. Please, don’t hesitate to ask as questions come up that aren’t answered here.

School and Office Hours

Summer Main Office Hours
9:00am – 3:00pm

School Year Main Office Hours
7:30am -3:30pm

School Hours
8:00am – 3:00pm

  • 7:30am — Before School Care
  • 7:45am — Students enter classrooms

Beyond the Bell (expected)

Vacation Care  (on specified days when PMFS is closed)
8:00am- 6:00pm

Who do I contact for...?

General Inquiries during the Summer

Contact the Main Office (office@pmfs1780.org or 610.828.2288), to:

  • Report an absence or late arrival by 8:30 am (Please email office@pmfs1780.org and classroom teachers.) Read the attendance policy in the Red Book (School Handbook) for more info on excused absences.
  • Communicate changes related to transportation and dismissal:
    • Daily dismissal change (By 1:30 pm)
    • Long-term transportation changes
  • Leave a message for a teacher
  • Get help with the website

Get Help with Beyond the Bell

Get in touch with your Parent-Teach Organization (PTO)

Discuss tuition payments or other financial issues

Discuss admission, re-enrollment, tuition assistance, or increase Pre-K days of attendance

Discuss special events, gifts to PMFS, or alumni relations

Discuss matters of concern

Take part in what's happening at PMFS!

Getting to and from PMFS

During the school year, buses from more than twelve school districts drop off and pick up children at PMFS. Many parents drive children to and/or from school. PMFS staff, faculty, and parents work together to make the morning and afternoon transportation processes work smoothly.

Communication is the key to daily safe and efficient arrival and departure for all PMFS students. At the start of the school year, the school will ask for your child’s regular transportation schedule. All transportation changes (busing, drop-off, pick-up) and absences must be reported to the teachers and the Main Office.

Daily attendance and dismissal schedules are noted by the Main Office in The Blue Note (the daily attendance and transportation report for each class).

More details can be found at:

PMFS is currently reviewing these procedures, to adjust them for 2021/22 and best practices with COVID.

To sign up for busing, submit the Busing Request in SFO by June 1. PMFS will make the request on your behalf and will alert you if your school district requires you to submit other forms directly to them.

Things to Do, Things to Do

It is important to understand state and school requirements and complete required health forms. Please note that, as per Commonwealth of Pennsylvania requirements, all students must provide the school with proof of up-to-date vaccinations by the start of the school year, or risk exclusion from school on day 6 of school.

  • Read all state requirements, download all forms at pmfs1780.org/parents/school-forms. Pay particular attention to the Health & Medical section.
  • Read the PMFS Medication Policy and learn how to get permission for your child to take medication (over-the-counter or prescribed) while at school.

Students entering grade 1-6 need to request that end-of-year records and medical information be sent to PMFS.

I will take this idea with me when I leave PMFS: if I have kids to send them to PMFS.
 ~New Alum, Class of 2020