Building Bridges

Building Bridges is a group of PMFS community members who meet to support each other in learning and action around issues about which we care deeply. During this meeting time, members check in about people’s needs in relation to social justice work, as well as share ideas about a collaborative community activity to put our thoughts into action.

March Update


We want to keep you informed about where we are headed and encourage your involvement and input going forward.

At our Building Bridges meeting on March 6, 2018, we identified some of our goals:

  • Bring our values as a Quaker school into the world.
  • Give our children opportunities to engage with their larger Philadelphia community.
  • Enhance existing service projects to service learning and social justice opportunities.
  • Be open to diverse political views and perspectives.

We chose as our specific project to start with: deepening the school’s relationship with Historic Fair Hill, a “peace making green space in North Philadelphia, using the burial ground of human rights activists to carry forward their work for justice and peace through greening, school partnerships, and community events.” Click here to read more about Historic Fair Hill.

While there are many wonderful organizations in Philadelphia, we felt that Fair Hill was a good first choice for us because:

We have an existing relationship with them through the book drive we do every fall.

It is a Quaker organization, which gives opportunities to tie in Quaker values and history (and means we have lots of contacts there).

Their school partnership program engages with local public elementary schools, providing a point of connection with our elementary school community.
They are eager to work with us and have several easy entry points.

Our vision, at least to start, is that we would organize opportunities throughout the year for the school community to engage with Fair Hill in a variety of ways.

We have identified two concrete projects for this spring and sketched out some ideas for next year.

Sunday, April 29, 3:00 – 5:00 pm at the Heiders’

Family garden party with Historic Fair Hill to learn more about the community and HFH’s programs there.
Opportunities for involvement include: Come to the party! Invite your friends. Work on promotion. Help set up or clean up. Contribute refreshments.

Saturday, May 15, 10:00 am – 1:00 pm at Fair Hill Burial Ground

Community work day, with a history tour and taco truck lunch. Kids encouraged.
Opportunities for involvement include: Come! Work on promoting the event. Drive a carpool from school.

Click here to read more.

In the fall:
School supplies drive?
Enhanced book drive

There will be more information coming. Send any questions or comments to Rebecca Heider, Trina Berk, or Sarah Sweeney-Denham.