PMFS Policy on Attendance & Absences


Regular attendance is necessary for academic success and required by the Pennsylvania Department of Education. Parents are expected to contact the Main Office by 9:00 am on the date of an absence or late arrival. This is important for the safety of all PMFS students.  Homework requests should be made during the call or email reporting absence or lateness.

Absence, late arrival, and early dismissal from school will be excused with a written note or email (to teacher and office) for the following reasons:

  • Illness
  • Medical appointment
  • Religious holiday
  • Impassable roads
  • Other urgent reasons including court appearance or death in the family
  • Family educational trip (prior approval required by the Head of School; see below for more information)

Parents must make requests for an excused absence due to an educational trip in writing to the Head of School at least two weeks prior to the trip. The request must state the educational purpose the trip serves for the student. Parents are responsible for making sure a child completes schoolwork during his or her absence from school. If the request is not received and granted, any absence will be considered unexcused and noted on the student’s record (Kindergarten through Sixth Grade).

For all other absences, late arrivals, early dismissals to be excused, parents must inform the school (teacher and Main Office) in writing or by email of the absence and the reason for the absence. This written document must be turned in to school by the date of the child’s return to school in order for the absence to be marked as excused. After more than three (3) consecutive days of illness, a physician’s statement will be necessary for the child to return to school.

The school has generous break schedules throughout the year and expects family vacations to be scheduled around these dates.

As per Pennsylvania state law, students in grades Kindergarten through Sixth Grade who are absent for more than three (3) consecutive school days without an excuse will be reported to the Colonial School District Superintendent. After ten (10) cumulative absences in a year, the school may require parents to provide a physician’s statement for all subsequent absences in a school year.

Late Arrival

Kindergarten through Sixth Grade classrooms open at 7:45 am. Students in those grades who arrive more than ten (10) minutes after the 8:00 am start of the school day will be marked late, unless there is a written excuse from a parent or physician with one of the acceptable reasons listed above. Students arriving after 8:00 am must report to the Main Office.

Students who arrive late due to district busing issues will not be marked as late.

Early Departure

Parents should notify the Main Office in advance of a planned early departure. Students and parents should check in with the Main Office before leaving school.


Students are expected to attend school every day. School absence and lateness are included in the student’s permanent record and in each (Kindergarten through Sixth Grade) progress report.