Out and About on the PMFS Campus

November 18th, 2017
Category: News

Sharing some wonder and joy and news from the classrooms and campus with you:

Caterpillars making place mats adorned with photos of things for which they are thankful.

Mixed half-groups from both Early Childhood classrooms playing a game of “freeze when the music stops” (they’re really, really fast!).

Butterflies learning to sew by making their own slippers because it’s getting cold out and we want to ensure toes stay toasty.

Pensive while learning about letter formation in Kindergarten

Exploring the art of “zooming in” on details when writing a story in First Grade

Practicing addition in Second Grade Math

Exploring Plymouth Monthly Meeting’s role in the Underground Railroad and connection to Abolition Hall, trying to understand the balance between wanting to help others and protecting one’s own safety in Fourth Grade

Joyfully concluding Ancient Wonders of the World Presentations in Sixth Grade