Celebrating Nature, Kindness, and Home

December 18th, 2019
Category: News

Families gathered to celebrate their students and the natural world at Second Grade’s annual Night Tree Celebration. This tradition was inspired by Eve Buntings’ picture book, Night Tree, about a family who decorates a forest tree with edible decorations for wildlife. Students prepared winter treats to hang on a tree outside for their animal friends, made candles to illuminate the dark winter night, and shared their writing with their families. And they enjoyed another Second Grade tradition – baking and sharing delicious teacakes!

Third Grade’s Year-Long Study of Water

December 10th, 2019
Category: News

Third Graders visited the Fairmount Water Works as part of their year-long study of waer. Once the heart of Philadelphia’s water distribution system, the Water Works is now an interpretive center which educates visitors about Philadelphia’s urban watershed. Third Graders considered how many gallons of water on average a person uses each day through consumption and household appliances. They brainstormed ways people can conserve water, such as turning off the water when brushing your teeth and only running a full dishwasher.

Alumnus Donates Trees to PMFS

December 4th, 2019
Category: News

In the last three years we have lost over a dozen major trees on campus due to diseases and storms. Luckily we have also gained a wonderful new friend, Craig Eberbach (’73). As a young student, Craig could often be found sitting inside the old Hollow Sycamore tree known as “Mr. Sanders.” Craig, an arborist and founder of Cedar Ridge Nursery, had been thinking about his old alma mater and decided to visit the campus to see if Mr. Sanders was still standing. He was delighted that it was still there, but noticed a great reduction of trees in the last 46 years.

Quietly, Craig has been donating trees to PMFS over the past two years. They include the cherry tree in the circle drive on lower campus, and the white fringe tree in front of Main Building (Debbie Balkan’s tree). With an eye on the future, Craig spent a lot of time on campus studying the overall tree canopy, the general health of our trees, and envisioning what the campus could look like in the next 25-50 years.

On November 21 he and his crew donated and planted 8 new trees. Next Spring he will be planting an additional three to replace the ones that have died and to recreate the wall of flowering trees along Butler Pike just inside our stone wall.

Craig likens these new trees to the children and students at PMFS. He said, “You plant them, care for them, protect them, and give them a wonderful environment to grow.” They both will be amazing in the years to come.

Inquiry-Based Art Projects

November 21st, 2019
Category: News

Sixth Graders are busily working on their first inquiry project of the year. Each student writes a proposal to study a work of art about which they want to learn more, and then they recreate that work in a medium of their choice. This is the culmination of all of the skills they’ve acquired throughout their time at PMFS. In a few weeks, once these are done, they will have a presentation and critique in which they demonstrate what they’ve learned throughout the project.

image3 (1)
image0 (2)
image2 (1)
image4 (1)

Here you can see Aydin and Yona creating works inspired by the architecture and public art of Antoni Gaudí,  while Liam creates a mask of King Tut. Mari is creating a multi color block print inspired by a work of Georgia O’Keeffe, while Julian is creating a bestiary of mythological creatures. Nate is exploring typography and is in the process of creating a collage inspired by the artists of the Dada art movement. Not pictured, Aleah is learning Photoshop and graphic design to create a screen print, and Samuel is embarking on casting sculptures using a mould.


Bug Hotel Built with Love

November 15th, 2019
Category: News

On Color Day last Thursday, students worked together in cross-grade groups to build a habitat for friendly insects on our campus. All the hidey-holes and comfortable straw are just perfect for six-legged friends. Thank you for all the recycled materials you donated that made this Bug Hotel possible. Come take a look next time you’re on the lower end of campus!

Welcome Back to School!

September 5th, 2019
Category: News

Welcome to the 2019-2020 school year! Here new and returning families will find the resources they need for the start of school.

Important forms:

PMFS online directory— Update your email address, phone number, etc. so we can reach you.

  • If you’ve used the PMFS online directory before, follow this link to check your family’s info is up to date. (Click the “household” tab)
  • If you’re a new user of the PMFS online directory, check your email (and spam folder!) for the official-looking subject line “Plymouth Meeting Friends School: Confirm your email.” You’ll be able to log in after you create an account. Missing the email? Let Maeve know at office@pmfs1780.org.
  • This is also where you’ll go to get contact info for fellow parents and community members.

Clearances you’ll need before you can volunteer— We want to have you on field trips, classroom visits, and more. There are just a few legal checkboxes to tick first. After you click this link, go to the green “Clearances” section.

Permission for PMFS to administer over-the-counter medication –We’ll always call to check with you first, but it’s good to have the option for your sweetie to get antibiotic ointment, cough drops, pain meds, etc.

If your child regularly takes medication at school, fill out this form

What’s happening:

Welcome letter from Head of School Brenda Crawley

Detailed 2019-2020 calendar of events

At-a-glance 2019-2020 calendar — Updated! Some dates have changed.

Beyond the Bell info

From the PTO

A graduation speech from the class of 2019

How to sync the PMFS calendar with your personal Google calendar:

  • Go to your Google calendar or open the app
  • Click the + icon next to “Add a friend’s calendar,” and click “From URL” in the dropdown menu
  • Under “URL of calendar,” paste the following link: https://calendar.google.com/calendar/ical/pmfs1780.org_cvsskpgrn8rs9b938s31safoes%40group.calendar.google.com/public/basic.ics
  • Click “Add calendar” at the bottom right