Originally posted in the January 18, 2018 Virtual Red Folder

Over the next 18 months, the School Committee will be posting periodic updates on what is happening with the search for, and transition to, our next Head of School. In this inaugural post, we want to start by thanking Sarah for giving us the gift of time to conduct a thorough and professional search. Sarah continues to give so much of herself to PMFS, and this is just another example of her love and care for our community.

The optimal timeline for a Head Search begins in January and ends with the announcement of a new Head of School in late fall. In the coming weeks and months, please watch this space for announcements on opportunities to participate in the early stages of the process.

One such opportunity available now is to be a member of the Search Committee. This will be a committee of about 12 people representing our community’s many constituencies. Their job will be to work with our search consultant to solicit applications, conduct interviews, and identify finalists for the job of Head of School. After our entire community has a chance to meet the finalists and provide their feedback, the Search Committee will make a final recommendation to the School Committee. The School Committee will then make the final decision on who will be our next Head of School.

In order to ensure broad participation, the School Committee has appointed a Naming Committee to identify community members for the Search Committee. The Naming Committee will consider all names they receive, and then submit their list of recommendations to the School Committee for final approval.

If you would like to be considered for membership on the Search Committee, or you know someone who should be considered, please contact the clerk of the Naming Committee, Ralph Henninger at ralphh@pmfs1780.org . Ralph is joined on the Naming Committee by the following members and friends of our community:

  • Gillian Pokalo: Current PMFS Art Teacher
  • Anne Javsicas: Former PMFS Head of School
  • Andrea Morales Hanratty: Current PMFS Parent and Alumna
  • Martha Wolf: Current PMFS Early Childhood Education Teacher
  • Will Starr: Current PMFS 4th Grade Teacher

We hope to have chosen the full Search Committee by mid February, so please make your nominations soon.

As Sarah said in her letter , this is a bittersweet time, but we are very pleased to have this opportunity to work closely with the PMFS community on the important work we have to do over the next 18 months.


Your School Committee