Fifth Grade Rainforest Sale

December 6th, 2017
Category: News

One of the main topics Fifth Graders study each year is the rainforest, interwoven into central themes in social studies of sustainability and environmental justice. This multi-faceted learning includes Fifth Graders taking full ownership on planning and executing the Rainforest Sale, through which they raise proceeds to purchase acreage to help preserve the rainforest. Students do everything from determining when the sale will be and who will staff what to making posters with de-rainforestation facts advertising the sale and diagramming how the sale will be laid out on the blacktop.

Planning the Rainforest Sale

Fifth Graders are invested in the learning process, being empowered in this collaborative effort to create change after their academic studies of this vital resource. Students recently completed their Rainforest Animal Project, wherein Fifth Graders select a particular rainforest animal to study from a variety of different angles, each producing fact cards, a 3D model of his or her animal, a Google Slideshow, a research paper, and a formal presentation.