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Alumni Spotlight: Eric Toensmeier (’83)

Alumni Spotlight: Eric Toensmeier ('83)
April 22nd, 2021
Category: Alumni News

Eric Toensmeier (‘83) describes himself as a “plant geek.” But really, he’s an accomplished permaculturist, an expert in approaches to sustainable agriculture inspired by natural ecosystems. He’s also a policy advocate, award-winning author, international trainer, former appointed lecturer at Yale, and former Senior Biosequestration Fellow with Project Drawdown (an organization with the goal of reaching…

Alumni Spotlight: Isaiah Barlow-McGee (’13)

Alumni Spotlight: Isaiah Barlow-McGee ('13)
March 5th, 2021
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Isaiah Barlow-McGee (’13) joined the Plymouth Meeting Friends School community as a Third Grader, and he thrived at Plymouth from the get-go. Now a young adult, Isaiah can look back at Plymouth and recognize how the school and its community helped build his character, his confidence, and his independence. He says he was taught to…

Alumni Spotlight: Maria Price (’12)

Alumni Spotlight: Maria Price ('12)
October 29th, 2020
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Maria Price, PMFS ’12, is currently a Junior at Loyola University Chicago studying Public Health at the Parkinson School. When asked about her time at PMFS, she shared fond memories of outdoor play, speaking of her love for the playground and all the opportunities to play with the younger children on campus.After seven years at…

Alumni Spotlight: Amanda Price (’08)

Alumni Spotlight: Amanda Price ('08)
October 23rd, 2020
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Amanda Price, PMFS ‘08, grew up to work for Google, speak fluent Spanish, and travel the world. But when she first joined the PMFS community as a Kindergartener, she couldn’t yet read. She vividly remembers when it “clicked” for her, and the joy of finding books she loved in the PMFS library. Amanda credits her…

Alumni Spotlight: Jamaar Julal (’08)

Alumni Spotlight: Jamaar Julal ('08)
August 27th, 2020
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Alumni Spotlight: Jamaar Julal From First through Sixth Grades, Jamaar was a student at PMFS, graduating in 2008 with what he calls “lifelong friends.” These are the people he still talks to every day, explaining that they are reminders of all the good memories from Plymouth. While at PMFS, Jamaar was taught to treasure different…

Alumni in the News

August 13th, 2020
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Jamaar Julal, class of ’08, was recently featured in the Philadelphia Inquirer for his innovations with kambucha. Check out the full article here. photo credit: Tom Gralish