Alumni Spotlight: Maria Price (’12)

October 29th, 2020
Category: Alumni News, News

Maria Price, PMFS ’12, is currently a Junior at Loyola University Chicago studying Public Health at the Parkinson School. When asked about her time at PMFS, she shared fond memories of outdoor play, speaking of her love for the playground and all the opportunities to play with the younger children on campus.After seven years at PMFS, Maria went on to Perkiomen Valley Middle and High School. This transition wasn’t seamless. Maria quickly recognized that her new peers and teachers prioritized good grades above all else. She found herself striving for academic accolades, but missing the PMFS focus on the well-rounded student and holistic approach to learning. By her Junior year Maria looked for a change and graduated from Abington Friends School in 2018.

Now at Loyola University Chicago (LUC), Maria has settled into city living. She gets much satisfaction from volunteering at her local church as a Youth Group Leader and working with Sunday school children, and from making time to write. She credits PMFS and the creative and reflective writing she did as a student with first instilling in her a love of writing. She remembers being presented with a writing prompt, similar to the query one might receive at the beginning of Meeting for Worship, and being given time to reflect and write in silence.  Maria liked this reflective writing practice; it allowed her to share her particular point of view, but also drove home the idea that there is not always one correct answer. She fulfills her writing passion now as a Newsletter Contributor to the LUC Parkinson School of Public Health Undergraduate Newsletter as well as by serving as the Director of Communications for the LUC Public Health Club.

After graduation, Maria plans to attend graduate school for a Master’s in Public Health and stay in Chicago. The value of lifelong learning, which she ascribes to PMFS, will surely lead Maria to much success.