Alumni Spotlight: Madainn Krall (’07)

March 15th, 2022
Category: Alumni News

Madainn Krall (PMFS ’07)

Madainn Krall (who went by his middle name, Jonah, as a PMFS student), is Manager of Programs at Kode with Klossy, a nonprofit that teaches computer science to female, gender nonconforming, and trans teens. He started his journey as an educator when he joined Teach for America after graduating from Dickinson College in 2017. 

Teaching Language Arts, Social Studies, and Science at a charter school through Teach for America, Madainn discovered a love for teaching and enjoyed how inquisitive his students were. At first he was reluctant to teach Science, but after a few months, he realized that “Science is such a cool subject, especially in Fifth Grade, which I was teaching at the time. Students of that age just want to understand the world around them.” By the time STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) became a priority for his network of charter schools, Madainn was known as the go-to teacher for Science. He was tapped to launch a pilot program of daily, hands-on STEM classes for Fourth and Fifth Graders. One of the first projects he brought to his classes was PMFS’s famous “Egg Drop”, where students invent devices to protect eggs from cracking when dropped from a height. Madainn was so motivated to make his classes successful that he learned to code so he could teach it to his students. 

Madainn’s school went virtual for a year during the pandemic, and during that time he was promoted to Curriculum and Instruction Specialist for Science, Technology, and Engineering for all twelve K-8 schools in his network. In this role he coached teachers about how to put the STEM program he piloted into practice. 

Now Madainn works for Kode with Klossy, a free coding camp whose mission is to get girls and non-binary teens interested in careers in technology. “It’s a nonprofit run by the supermodel Karlie Kloss. She uses her influence and social media to convince all these awesome young women to pursue the STEM field that oftentimes they’re shut out from in their high school and college careers.” Madainn develops curriculum and trains and supports instructors for the camp. He recognizes how transformative it can be for women and non-binary people to be in an environment where they feel that STEM is “for them.” He said, “Now more than ever, everybody recognizes how important Science education is from a young age.”

Madainn draws inspiration from his PMFS education in his own career as an educator. He encourages mistakes and tries to incorporate some of the tenets of Quakerism, especially equity. He hopes he can encourage students to be lifelong learners, expand their thinking, and keep exploring, all things Plymouth encouraged in him as a child. Madainn’s advice to current Plymouth students is “Push your boundaries.”

Madainn’s PMFS Sixth Grade graduation photo