Alumni Spotlight: Amanda Price (’08)

October 23rd, 2020
Category: Alumni News, News

Amanda Price, PMFS ‘08, grew up to work for Google, speak fluent Spanish, and travel the world. But when she first joined the PMFS community as a Kindergartener, she couldn’t yet read. She vividly remembers when it “clicked” for her, and the joy of finding books she loved in the PMFS library. Amanda credits her Kindergarten teachers for turning her into a voracious reader.

Amanda speaks highly of the Fifth Grade Mexican Exchange program. She says new friends and colleagues are always wowed when they find out she lived in Mexico for two weeks at the age of ten. This program helped lay the foundation for Amanda’s love of travel and the Spanish language.

Amanda still values the relationships she built with classmates and teachers at PMFS.  She attended a class reunion last year and was impressed to see the variety of fields her friends have ended up in, believing that it was PMFS that gave them the confidence and skills to pursue their dreams. As for her relationships with her old teachers, Amanda calls them “deep” and “meaningful,” even after more than a decade.

After graduation from PMFS, Amanda went on to Springside Chestnut Hill Academy. As a Ninth Grader, Amanda had the self-knowledge and vision to apply to boarding school on her own. Determined to find a good fit, she did research and made the decision to transfer to St. Paul’s School in Concord, NH. Amanda had the opportunity to pursue her passion for dance and continue to improve her Spanish. The small classes and close relationships were rewarding, and reminded her of her experience at PMFS.

For college, Amanda went to Columbia University where she studied Political Science and Sustainable Development. While at Columbia she had an internship in Madrid, and a study abroad program that included a research project about tech entrepreneurs in Buenos Aires. Amanda also interned for Mastercard, then for Google.

Amanda now works as an Associate Product Marketing Manager at Google, a position that is part of a rotational program where employees learn multiple parts of Google marketing for different apps. Her focus so far has been on marketing YouTube subscriptions. The position requires strong communication skills – balancing different stakeholders and explaining how and why specific decisions are made.  Amanda says that as she’s doing this communications work, she often thinks of the “I” messaging techniques she learned as a Plymouth student. She attributes some of her success to PMFS’s early lessons about empathy and vocalizing feelings.

Amanda looks forward to a time when alumni can visit the PMFS campus again. She feels proud when she says, “my life’s journey started at PMFS and it has played a big role in who I am.”