Alumni Spotlight: Isaiah Barlow-McGee (’13)

March 5th, 2021
Category: Alumni News, News

Isaiah Barlow-McGee (’13) joined the Plymouth Meeting Friends School community as a Third Grader, and he thrived at Plymouth from the get-go. Now a young adult, Isaiah can look back at Plymouth and recognize how the school and its community helped build his character, his confidence, and his independence. He says he was taught to see the world with an open mind and to embrace differences, from immersing himself in another culture on the Mexican Exchange, to celebrating the diversity of his classmates. Isaiah appreciates the freedom Plymouth gave him and his friends to be creative and lead discussions about topics beyond academics, which helped him learn about the world.

After graduating from Plymouth, Isaiah went on to the DePaul Catholic School, then to Bishop McDevitt High School in Cheltenham, where he enjoyed playing football. At one point, when Isaiah felt his workload in high school was unreasonable, he navigated the challenge by communicating with his teachers. Isaiah explained that self-advocacy is a skill he learned at Plymouth.

Isaiah is now a Sophomore at West Chester University studying Respiratory Therapy. With this focus he will be an advocate for those with respiratory concerns like asthma or bronchitis. This is an especially important field now, as Covid is a respiratory virus. After graduation Isaiah is considering additional schooling for a nursing degree. Isaiah also spends his time focused on his hobby of singing, and joyfully recalls PMFS’s music teacher Frumi Cohen (now retired) and her brilliant rendition of the musical Wicked.

At Plymouth, Isaiah found he was treated equitably and was taught that everyone is equal. The real-world experiences Plymouth provided set Isaiah up for success for the rest of his life.