African Studies in Kindergarten

March 1st, 2018
Category: News

Kindergarten’s thematic social studies curriculum is often inspired by the students’ interests and is enriched through involving students’ family members as resources for learning. The class’ most recent study of Africa was sparked by one student’s expertise and experience of living together with his family in Ethiopia over the last school year. Sami’s dad Ermias, who grew up in Ethiopia and Eritrea, shared stories, photos and videos, as well as musical instruments and traditional Ethiopian foods with the class. Georgia’s aunt Colette, PMFS `96, shared photos from her visit to Rwanda and told Kindergartners all about silverback gorillas. On Tuesday, Kindergarten welcomed members of the modern dance company Danse4Nia, who led the students in an African dance and storytelling workshop. Our students loved acting out Anansi folktales, playing their own homemade instruments, dancing, and singing the welcome song “Funga Alafia Ashe Ashe.”

Ermias Sharing with Kindergarten (left) and Colette Presenting to Kindergarten (right)

Dancing with Danse4Nia