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March 2, 2017
PTO Meeting - Tomorrow    
Join us tomorrow, Friday, March 3 at the PTO meeting at 8:15am in Corson Lobby. Add some insight to the Strawberry Festival discussion! Coffee and breakfast treats included. Hope to see you there!
Unicycles and Lyra and Walking Globes, Oh My    
Tickets for Friday and Saturday 7 pm performances are available for $7 each. Send cash or checks to the Main Office.
Grandparents and Special Friends Day    
Thursday, March 23
8:30 am - 11:00/11:15 am
Please invite Grandparents or Special Friends to join your child for this festive event. We ask parents to submit the Pre-Registration Form by March 15 to let us know who is coming and how each child is going home. More details are available in the Parent Information Letter.
Questions? If you need additional information or would like to reserve special needs parking or an easily accessible seat for Meeting for Worship, please contact Ralph Henninger at or 610.828.2407.
Upcoming @PMFS    
Tomorrow, Friday, March 3
PTO Meeting, Corson Lobby, 8:15 am
Saturday, March 4
PMFS Auction 6 pm

Monday, March 6
Thursday, March 9
Meeting for Worship
5th Graders return from Cuernavaca: Mexican Exchange 2017 ends

Friday, March 10
5th Grade only: no school

Sooner than you think

Monday, March 13
Registration for Spring Break Vacation Care is due

Friday, March 17 and Saturday, March 18
4th Grade performs Wake Now Discover Circus (Get your tickets)

Thursday, March 23

Grandparents and Special Friends Day
Spring Break begins at 12 pm
Family Interest: Training for Youth in Nonviolent Direct Action    
EQAT (Earth Quaker Action Team) is hosting a training for students in grades 2-8, for youth to "learn and share about direct action" on March 19; there will be a concurrent session for adults. For al the details and to sign up, go to:
Parent Interest    

At today's Worship Sharing, groups considered the following query, provided by Third Grade:
If you could live in any place at any time in history, where and when would it be? Why?
Quick Links    
Auction website (get tickets or a sneak peak of what's being offered)
The Glamorous Side of Adult-ing: Or, Why I Attend the PMFS Auction    
Like many of you, I am well acquainted with the not-so-glamorous side of being an adult. Waking before the sun rises to get myself and my kids ready for another day, being a stickler for “no T.V. until your homework is done,” cleaning up all kinds of nasty things in all kinds of places… As much as I’d like to stay burrowed under the covers until 9:00 am or not have to exclaim, “How did poop get here…AGAIN??” I recognize that Being The Adult means these are the things I just have to do. A lot.
A few times a year, though, I get to enjoy the more enchanting side of being a grownup. I get a little dressed up, put on some shoes that make a great clickity-clack sound on marble floors (like Lynda Carter’s Wonder Woman running across rooftops in her awesome red boots – which is a very adult thing to fantasize about), and mingle with other nicely-dressed adults as we hold our wine and canapes, listen to live music, and engage in very intelligent…or perhaps very bawdy conversation.
And…[whisper]…there’s not a child in sight!
That, my friends, is the magical allure of the PMFS Auction Gala.
But, there’s more! You get to indulge your competitive side as you carefully decide what to bid on and then casually hover around your most coveted items so you can swoop in every time someone outbids you. You can also convince your date to keep an eye on who might be outbidding you while you refill your plate with tasty buffet treats. And then there’s the drama and excitement of the Live Auction. Will there be another bidding war between Father and Daughter Henninger this year?? You’ll have to see for yourselves on March 4th.
And, of course, there’s the warm feeling you get by supporting this very important fundraiser for this very special school. As I watch my children thrive at PMFS, I am grateful that we are part of this community and am more than happy to show my support by enjoying a glamorous adults-only evening.
Hope to see you there!
Jess Lember
PMFS Auction
Saturday, March 4, 6:00 pm
The Rotunda at Chestnut Hill College
Tickets are available at and at the door!
A Week of Change on the Exchange    
It’s hard to believe our Fifth Graders have been in Mexico for a week already. In that time, they’ve climbed pyramids and they’ve examined what gratitude means; they’ve toured museums and they’ve considered why people become immigrants or refugees; they’ve swum in crystal clear water and they’ve relied on themselves and their friends and teachers and host families. We (and their families!) are looking forward to seeing how these experiences have changed them when they return on March 9!

What's Happening at Ex-Day?    
and Kiddie Yoga...
 File_001.jpeg File_000.jpeg
and Monster Makers...
fullsizeoutput_422.jpeg File_000.jpeg File_001.jpeg
and more fun...
This Spring we are offering Book to Movie Club, Mixed Sports, Art Club and Mad Science as Extended Day classes. Remember to register for Spring ExDay and ExDay Class fun by Monday (March 6)! Contact the Main Office or Brooke ( with any questions.

Sharing the Love    
Hate Has No Home Here signs are available (at cost) for $5 each. This movement was started in a small neighborhood in Chicago, inspired by a graphic created by a Third Grader and a Kindergartener. It has quickly spread around the nation, and the world to countries like Australia, Ecuador, and Ethiopia.
Philly Says No to Hate 11”x17” posters are free. They are a project of a local social justice action clearinghouse Make it Right PHL.
We welcome you to join us in publicly posting your support at home with one of two—or both!—signs, spreading messages of support and inclusion for marginalized groups. A small sign may seem a small step to take, and yet we can find strength in putting our energy into positive expressions of peace, community, and respect for all. Signs are still available in the Main Office. Stop by!
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