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May 26, 2017
Reminder! We Need a Couple of Things from You    
Did you check your mailbox? Have you filled out some pieces of paper? Did you send back those important documents? Before you spring off to summer, the Main Office requires completed forms from you ahead of next school year.
Also, did you catch the memo about the very, very important immunizations updates we need? 
All of this should come to us ASAP. Call if you need us to send another copy of any of the forms or have any questions at all so we can get you squared away: 610.828.2288.
Please click here for all the information.
Bring All Ye Box Tops    
Box tops submission is around the corner—THIS Monday, May 29 to be exact.
Please bring in all those box tops you've been collecting so we can send in our final shipment of the year!
Proud to Present: Moore College's Video Featuring Gillian Pokalo!    
Art Teacher Gillian, who is an alum of Moore College of Art, was the focus of a short film by Moore College featuring Gillian's art and work as an artist and teacher. Back in November, Moore staffers filmed Gillian with the Fifth Grade in our Art Studio, interviewed students and Gillian, and filmed Gillian at work in her home studio. How wonderful for Gillian and for us to have the opportunity to celebrate her remarkable artistic and teaching talents!
Click here to view the video.
Jam-Packed Final Days in Sixth Grade    
Thursday, June 1, Sixth Grade will be Skyping with Stephen Ritz, an innovator who does gardening with kids in New York City and who uses Tower Gardens, which are indoor gardens.

Sixth Graders started setting up their very own tower garden on campus this Friday (today) with Gina, Nick's mom, who was also our contact for Stephen.

Want to learn more?
Save the Date: New Parent Orientation    
Wednesday, May 31
7:00 - 8:30 pm
Corson Lobby
For all families—both returning and new—who have a new student joining PMFS this fall, join us for a meeting where parents complete and sign necessary enrollment forms, connect with their new teachers, and learn more about ways to get involved in the PMFS Community. We ask that at least one parent try to attend this meeting. Please RSVP to Lael to confirm attendance:
Playground Playdate & Welcome for New Families!    
Thursday, June 8
3:00 - 4:30 pm

We're opening our playground to the community, inviting prospective families to come visit, play, and learn. Current families are encouraged to attend and talk with prospective families. Come spread the word while the kids play! Mentor families who are matched with our newly enrolled families will have a chance to connect too.
PS. Mentors and folks with new students joining us in the fall: we will not be having a separate New Parent Picnic; this is it, so come join us!
Upcoming @PMFS    
Books, book, books! (and CDs) (And DVDs) Drop ‘em off in the sandbox shed
Naranj Tree Donations! Leave them in Emerson or 4th Grade
Up Next
Friday, May 26
Primaries return from overnight camping trip

Monday, May 29
School closed (No Vacation Care)

Tuesday, May 30
Kindergarten goes to Philadelphia Zoo (rain date!)
Wednesday, May 31
New Parent Orientation, 6:30

Friday, June 2
Strawberry Hulling, Annie H. Wilson Room (not signed up? come anyway!)
Festival set-up- Many hands make light work!

Saturday, June 3
Class Performances, 10:00 am
Strawberry Festival, 11:00 am - 3:00 pm 
Quick Links    
Letter from Sarah    
PMFS Campus Planning: What is Your Vision?
Dear Families,
At the final PTO meeting for this school year on June 7, we will be asking parents to brainstorm their best vision for PMFS’ upper campus buildings.

Over the past 15 years, we’ve been making strong progress in PMFS’ overall master campus plan through several phases—from adding the Arts Studio, Steinbright Building, and Little House, to constructing the Emerson building, then updating classroom spaces on the upper campus, and now, planning to renovate our oldest structures on the upper campus. 

The first step in planning for this major project and capital campaign to fund it is to join together to think carefully about what our needs and wishes are to fully support our mission and program. Our brainstorming will help to guide and inform a newly-formed Building Committee, which will use our ideas as a starting place in their work with architects and designers. 

While actual construction will be a few years away, we need all of our best thinking to shape this important, forward-thinking work. While brainstorming about our main building, Fourth and Fifth Grade classrooms, Science room, and the Music & Admission building, please consider the following: 
  • How do you see the current uses of the spaces changing over the next 5-10 years?
  • Do we fully meet the needs of the community with each space?
  • Do we fully meet any anticipated needs of the community with each space?
  • How does each space integrate with other shared spaces...
  • Within the building?
  • Throughout the campus?
  • What are the limitations of the building? Are there any limitations of specific individual spaces?
  • Would we like to see administrative spaces in a centralized location?
Faculty and staff and School Committee are also considering these important questions. Join us on June 7 to share your ideas!  School Committee member and alumni parent John Gilliland and parent and architect Michael Drury will facilitate our conversation. We’d love to hear your vision! 
As you look around campus, know that many parents, faculty and staff members helped to shape the vision that formed the classroom and campus spaces that we enjoy today. I look forward to seeing how our vision for PMFS today, unfolds for future strength of the program and mission of PMFS. See you on June 7.


It's Really Really Really Just Next Week!    
Our 81st Strawberry Festival is next Saturday, June 3! Who can believe it?
Many of us have been prepping, baking and organizing. The kids, ask them, my bet is they have been dancin’. The Strawberry Festival is a splendid day where we stand side-by-side with our friends, families, and greater community. This is the PTO's most ambitious volunteer undertaking—let's make it a success!

Some items to note:

Are you a berry slicer? Thank you to those of you who join us in Annie H. on Friday morning, June 2, to hull and slice strawberries! Please remember to bring your knife and cutting board. Don't worry if you are not signed up—Join us! We are so appreciative of the extra set of hands at all these important steps along the way.

Festival Volunteers! Our PMFS community is amazing! We have so many people volunteering not once, but twice for activities and shifts. Many of our volunteer shifts have been completely filled. Thank you in advance for your dedication to our PMFS PTO and for your time and energy to the Strawberry Festival. If you have not volunteered for a shift, please still consider it. We still need people to manage carnival games and help serve water ice! Check out the volunteer spots that are still needed here:

Used Book Sale The book store is growing! Thank you to the many of you who have donated books, CDs, and DVDs for the Strawberry Festivals Used Book Sale. If you haven’t yet, go through your shelves, basements, and attics and ask friends and family if they have a few books to donate. Drop off all donations in the sand shed near the blacktop by Friday, June 2!

Strawberry Shortcake Tickets and Festival Shirts Thanks to the many of you who pre-ordered cake and shirts! We have already sold over 100 pieces of deliciously sweet shortcake! Your cake pre-order tickets will be sent home with your student this week—check their backpacks! Don’t forget to pick up your pre-ordered t-shirt at the alumni tent at the festival. Additional shirts will be for sale (sizes and quantities are limited—so come early!).

"Special Event Parking" in Effect for Strawberry Festival A reminder to the PMFS community that on the day of Strawberry Festival, the parking lots on our campus are reserved for vendors, entertainment, and handicapped accessible parking. After you drop your children off at their classrooms that morning, please find off-campus parking either in the Meeting House Business Complex across Germantown Pike or in the Blue Ridge Road neighborhood. If you've come early to help set up (thank you!), please also find off-campus parking.
Primary Camping Trip: An Adventure Whatever the Weather!    
Wow, what a rainy, muddy, classic camping-fun time Primary had on their annual class trip. The weather certainly did not dampen spirits and made for some extra messy adventures in the great outdoors. More than that, it created an opportunity for additional problem solving and community building, both important elements and outcomes of the trip. How can we help our friend un-stick their shoe lost in the mud? Can my rain boots hold more creek water than yours? How many rounds of misty t-ball can we really manage to squeeze in before lunch? Hikes were taken, s’mores were had, and memories were made. Second Graders got to show First Graders the ropes, who we know will look forward to enjoying the trip again next year. And Second Graders go on to enjoy a few days (and nights!) away at Chincoteague Bay Field Station in Wallops Island, Virginia, as Third Graders next year, where they’ll enjoy even more water!

Egg-citing Twists in the Annual Sixth Grade Egg Drop    
This year, in preparation for the Egg Drop, the Fourth Grade actually taught the Sixth Grade some of the science of moving objects that they'd learned: gravitational potential energy, acceleration due to gravity, friction due to air resistance, momentum, and Newton's Third Law.
This translates to knowing that:
  • The egg in its container will have a lot of potential energy due to it's height as it is held out of Gladys's window.
  • When it is released, it will fall at an initial speed of 9.8 meters per second, and that speed will double every second, unless air resistance slows it down.
  • The heavier the container, the more momentum it will have.
  • When the container hits the ground, the ground will hit it back with a force equal to its momentum!
Parachutes and helium balloons were not allowed, so the Sixth Grade had to think like car designers to succeed—how do engineers slow down and cushion impacts so the crash test dummies "survive?" They also knew they would be judged on the following criteria:
  • Eggstra Awesome - An egg drop device that kept the egg from even the tiniest crack
  • Eggstra Special - An egg drop device that kept egg from shattering, but allowed 1-2 tiny cracks
  • Eggelicious – An egg drop device that is aesthetically pleasing to the judges (it  looks really handsome!)
  • Eggonomical – The egg drop device that is the most practical and simple.
  • Humpty Dumpty Award – The device with the egg that breaks in the most spectacular fashion 
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