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May 18, 2017
Community Meeting Tonight    
Come Learn About the Single-Grade Structure for First and Second Grades, Beginning 2017-18
Tonight, Thursday, May 18
6:30 - 7:30 pm
Emerson Building
Susan and Genevieve's Classroom
Click here for last week's VRF which contains more information about why the grouping structure was changed to benefit the students' learning.
EQAT March, Presentation, and Potluck    
On Monday, Fifth Graders joined Earth Quaker Action Team (EQAT) on one of their marches-- Green Walk for Jobs and Justice-- through the area in support of their initiative around bringing solar-energy jobs to areas in need. EQAT is walking every day May 8–22 for a total of 100 miles through PECO service areas in Bucks, Chester, Montgomery, Delaware, and Philadelphia counties. For our participation Monday, Fifth Graders and a few parents joined EQAT to march two mles through Norristown/Plymouth Meeting. Once back at PMFS, EQAT gave a presentation on their campaign and why it is important. Everyone then broke bread and enjoyed the sense of community activism as part of an end-of-day potluck.
This event was an outgrowth of Fifth Graders emergent studies in activism and different types of justice, including environmental and social, this year. For MLK Jr. Day of Service and Justice this year, Fifth Graders broke into groups, researched local organizations engaged in activism and social justice efforts, and presented their findings to the Plymouth community via pre-recorded videos. One of the groups researched and presented was EQAT. When one of the Fifth Graders, part of the EQAT research group, was asked how it felt to interact with them and support their efforts, he said, "It felt good, like it was a relationship."

Lend Your Support: Service Learning in Susan and Genevieve's Primary and Fourth Grade    
Narenj Tree needs your help, Primary and Fourth Grade want you to know. Narenj Tree helps Syrian refugees in refugee camps in Turkey. They collect things that refugees need in the camps where they stay until they can go to another country.

We are collecting the following items:
  • Band-Aids
  • Blankets
  • Toothbrushes
  • Toothpaste
  • Bar soap
  • Diapers
  • Wipes
Please drop off any items outside Susan and Genevieve's or in Fourth Grade's classroom.
The Garden is A-Growin'    
First Grade and Third Grade have been hard at work in the garden during Science, helping the Pre-K classes prepare the beds and care for the plants.

Pre-K 3 has two varieties of tomatoes, two varieties of peppers, cucumbers, herbs and NOW... MELONS! We prepared a small bed and planted cantaloupe and watermelon at the back of the garden, with the intention of having the fence provide a trellis and then having them cascade down the hill as they flourish. (Idea credit goes to Martha.)  Three of the Third Graders were able to use their idea from the Invention Convention and come up with a great system of watering the garden.

I am really excited to be a part of the garden this year and I love how much the kids are taking pride in their participation. A few have expressed interest in creating gardens at home; one of them said "and now we know how to do it."

Amanda Booth
Upcoming @PMFS    
Books, book, books! (and CDs) (And DVDs) Drop ‘em off in the sandbox shed
Naranj Tree Donations! Leave them in Emerson or 4th Grade
Up Next
Friday, May 19
Sixth Grade versus Faculty Kickball Game
Monday, May 22
Guest Head of School for a Day (Miguel!)

Tuesday, May 23
Kindergarten goes to the Phila Zoo

Wednesday, May 24
5th Grade takes Mural Arts Tour
6th Grade Egg Drop, 12:35 pm

Thursday, May 25
Primaries leave for Camp Laughing Waters

Friday, May 26
Primaries return from overnight camping trip

Look ahead!
Monday, May 29
School closed (No Vacation Care)

Friday, June 2
Strawberry Hulling, Annie H. Wilson Room
Festival set-up!

Saturday, June 3
Class Performances, 10:00 am
Strawberry Festival, 11:00 am - 3:00 pm 

Quick Links    
Staffing News    
Dear Families,
Fourth Grade Assistant Teacher Cherine Morsi has let me know she’ll be leaving PMFS at the end of this school year. Over the past three years, Cherine has served as Assistant Teacher with Sixth and with Fourth Grade and leaves us to pursue an upper elementary lead teacher position. Cherine’s enthusiasm for working with students, sweet disposition, and calming presence will be missed. We send her off grateful for her many contributions to the PMFS community and with the very best wishes for a position that lights up her passions for both diversity work and math!


Drum Roll, Please...    
We are delighted to present our new logo!
If you recall, the opportunity to re-brand—new logo, new color palette, new fonts—arose as we began the website redesign process; our developers recommended we consider a more digital- and print-friendly logo as well as a refreshed look to accompany the modern website build.

Come learn more at the Strawberry Festival, where we will have a block-printing table. We’ll have t-shirts and postcards to stamp with the new logo. Feel free to bring canvas totes, baseball caps, your own beloved plain t-shirt for stamping fun, too! This idea came out of the very origin of this logo: it was carved into a woodblock! Plus, our community seems to have an affinity for block printing.

You will begin to see our new look more and more as we create a host of new materials over the summer. Stay tuned!

Should you have any questions or thoughts, please do not hesitate to contact Kelley at
Strawberry Festival - How Many More Days?    
Just 16 days until the BIGGEST (& we say BEST) Community Event of the YEAR!
What can you DO at the festival?
Browse books, shop at vendor tables, hop on a moon bounce, get your face painted (adults can do it too!), listen to music, watch the kids gleefully play games (for mere pocket change!), visit the petting zoo, listen to some cool music, watch the jugglers, and enjoy each other's company! Oh, and you get to interact with our new logo!! All this, AFTER class performances to kick off the fun (starting at 10:00 am)! There is something for everyone. Bring the neighbors and grandparents and cousins on June 3!
What kind of food is offered?
Lemon sticks, homemade Mexican food, lots and lots of baked goods, the GRILL, pizza, water ice... OH and did we mention our famous Strawberry Shortcake!
How exactly does the PTO make this WORK?
This event runs on 100% parent participation. We need you - we really do! We rely on YOU to bring the party. 
Okay, what should a (busy) parent DO?
  • Sign Up: Here and Now! This weekend, please take a moment and check out the Sign-Up Genius and help fill in the blanks. Primary: we still need more parents to manage games. And Fifth Grade could use an extra hand serving shortcake.
  • Bake! Donate individually-wrapped baked goods—e.g., cookies, muffins, and other small treats—to the Bake Sale. Drop off your goodies on June 2 (in Annie H.) or June 3 (directly at the Bake Sale Table). Please make a note if your treat is made with nuts and other allergens. Third Grade thanks you!
  • Bring us your books & DVDs & CDs! The Sixth Grade invites you to drop off your extra copies of Dostoyevsky or Jane Austen (or John Grisham or Jackie Collins) in the sand shed off the black top. (Please leave them in a box or a bag).
How do you get those pre-ordered shirts and cake? Thank you to the many who pre-ordered slices of yummy shortcake and Strawberry Festival t-shirts. Cake tickets will come home with your child next week. And you can pick up your t-shirt at the festival, near the alumni tent.

But this is all 16 whole days away; What's For Dessert Tonight?
How about a Strawberry & Creme Cupcake from Whole Foods? For the month of May, Whole Foods Plymouth Meeting is selling their Strawberry Festival inspired cupcake. Purchase a cupcake and $1 comes back to PMFS. They look and taste delicious!
Stock the Bake Table: Consider donating individually-wrapped baked goods (like: cookies, muffins and other small treats) to the Strawberry Festival Bake Sale. Drop off your goodies on June 2nd in Annie H or the morning of June 3rd at the Bake Table. Please note if your treat is made with nuts and other allergens.
A Perfect Day for Beach Day    
Yesterday, our Pre-K and Kindergarten classes enjoyed a specially-themed Beach Day. From bubbles and sprinklers to picnics and sand play and a water-balloon toss and popsicles and more, students beat the nicely-timed heat and enjoyed the beautiful PMFS-in-Spring outdoors. One student excitedly exclaimed, "We got to bring the beach and the ocean to school!" What a novelty, and an excellent opportunity for classes to join together and relish cross-grade collaboration!
Disassembly. Disassembly! What is Disassembly?    
Library and Technology Teacher Kathie and Primary Teacher and Technology Coordinator Lauren reignited the spirit of taking old electronics apart and discovering all the little parts that make things work. Sixth Graders this week got to dissect old and new electronics, comparing the parts to see how much smaller they are today then they used to be. Students learned how each part works and were able to take home little trinkets if they were so inclined. 
Started by Bill Alberts many moons ago, Disassembly was a beloved activity for many students, including Lauren, a PMFS alum who used to participate excitedly and bring home treasures each time she and classmates disassembled some electronic device.
Ask an alum at the Strawberry Festival: What was your favorite thing to disassemble???
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