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Welcome to the Fourth Grade Circus page!

Scroll down for news and ticket info.    


The power of circus lies in its ability to act as a mirror, reflecting back to its audience somewhat altered images of what is alongside fantastic imaginings of what could be. This year's Fourth Grade Circus explores an era known for both political and personal awakenings, as well as an explosion of creativity: the 1960s. Through this lens, the fourth graders deliver both a spectacular show and a profound message of unity.

Wake Now Discover examines the empowerment and the struggles that emerged from this dynamic time period, as experienced by various communities including activists, soldiers and youth. While the subject matter strikes a timely chord at this moment of rapid change and rising community activism, Wake Now Discover also parallels the fourth graders' own journey to the stage. Through the process of developing their own unique talents while mastering challenging circus skills, and learning to pull together to form a cohesive show, the circus echoes the fourth graders’ paths of self-discovery and growing understanding of collective responsibility. True to the art form, Wake Now Discover presents a powerful social message along with a delightful spectacle and is not to be missed.
Read a Parent's Perspective on the Fourth Grade Circus    
Click here to read Fourth Grade parent Ellen Gemme's moving essay,
Finding Balance with the Fourth Grade Circus
Circus Tickets Still Available!    
Join us on March 17 & 18 at 7 pm in the Steinbright Auditorium!
Tickets are still available for both Friday and Saturday nights, but they do sell out quickly.
Click here for the order form or call the Main Office at (610) 828-2288.
Support the Circus with a Hand Tie-Dyed Circus Shirt!    

Fourth graders tie-dyed these unique t-shirts and they are available for purchase! Click here to order yours.


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